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When fighting Morgott, the Omen King, you’ll be able to summon Melina in Elden Ring to help you out. This appears to be out of character for her, as when she appears in the game, she approaches you as a guide. However, the fact that she will do considerably more than that makes her an intriguing character. And she isn’t simply a dead weight in battle, since she can utilise both sorcery and physical attacks. So please let us to quickly confirm how you can summon Melina.

How To Summon Melina in Elden Ring

elden ring summon melina
Image Credit: Zeon Pendragon on YouTube

You can Summon Melina in Elden Ring earlier than beginning the combat with Morgott the Omen King. These are the steps to summon her.

  1. Fast Travel to Queen’s Bedchamber site of grace. This site is situated on the Royal Capital in Leyndell.
    1. You can attain right here after you defeat Godfrey First Elden Lord (Golden Form).
    2. Use the large department that takes you to the higher stage of the room.
    3. Reach up and go north.
    4. Now observe this path and you’ll attain the positioning of grace.
    5. You will discover an enemy right here defeat it and proceed additional.
  2. Once you attain this site of grace go south and you will notice the golden mist indicating the room of Morgott’s boss combat.
  3. Just outside the boss area, you’ll find a golden summon signal on the ground. Use it and also you can Summon Melina.