Elden Ring
Elden Ring

Elden Ring is an ARPG in which every conflict you face is an uphill battle. You’ll need some decent stuff to aid you in your battles, which is where Merchants come in. There are several Merchants in Elden Ring that may sell and supply the Player with a variety of equipment, Potions, and other relevant items. Sorceress Sellen, a Sorcery Merchant, is one such Merchant who includes ideas. I’ll teach you how to go to Sorcery Merchant, Sorceress Sellen, in Elden Ring in this guide.

Sorcery Merchant Location in Elden Ring

Attending to the Sorcery Merchant will not be difficult in Elden Ring. Well, not too difficult for Elden Ring’s needs. You’ll have to fight a lot of foes to get to Sorceress Sellen. First and foremost, the Sorcery Merchant may be found at Waypoint Ruins Cellar. If you follow the roadway, the Waypoint Ruins are just south of the Gatefront Ruins.

When you arrive, you’ll be met by a number of foes, as well as a Plant adversary that can give Poison hurt and Poison impact. Fortunately, you may just avoid them entirely. There might be a way into the subterranean Cellar. It might be right in the heart of the Ruins. Simply go down and you’ll locate the entryway.

Once inside, you’ll have to deal with the Mad Pumpkin Head monster. It’s Elden Ring, and a boss battle is about to take place every step of the way. Mad Pumpkin Head is difficult to deal with, thus one of the best methods to deal with him is to distract him with a Spirit Summon like Lone Wolf Ashes.

Once distracted, attack from behind or at a distance. After defeating him, you may be able to get access to a door located behind him, which leads to the Sorcery Merchant, Sorceress Sellen, in Elden Ring.