Elden Ring
Elden Ring

In Elden Ring, there are several ways to die. Aside from brutal adversaries and bosses who can one-hit you into the ground, there are also a slew of horrible standing effects such as Scarlet Rot. Consider Scarlet Rot to be a super-poison. It builds up quickly, drains slowly, and as soon as it reaches that critical level, it robs you of HP in a hurry. In this tutorial, we’ll teach you how to avoid Scarlet Rot and keep it at away!

How to Prevent Scarlet Rot in Elden Ring

A high Vigor stat is the first and best line of defence against Scarlet Rot. This not only gives you a high health bar, but it also boosts your immunity. A high Immunity stat will go a long way toward delaying the growth of Scarlet Rot and keeping it below a dangerous level. You can even consume Immunizing Cured Meat before entering a Rot zone. This will be a long-term approach to prevent the impact from increasing. You can make them if you have the Armorer’s Cookbook [5] and the following materials:

  • 1x Sliver of Meat
  • 5x Rowa Fruit
  • 1x Great Dragonfly Head
  • 1x Smoldering Butterfly

There is also a tourist attraction near Ainsel River, south of Nokstella, along the narrow trail that goes into the Lake of Rot from the east. This is the Immunizing Horn Charm, and like its name implies, donning it will boost your Immunity. Ironically, there’s a +1 form of this attraction only a little distance West of here in the Lake of Rot. Clearly, walking the lake will gradually inflict Scarlet Rot, so tread carefully.

Curing Scarlet Rot

Part of what makes this impact so dreadful is how slowly it fades away as soon as it has built up. It might feel like you’re waiting forever for this gloomy pink bar to empty. Fortunately, there are ways to hasten its demise. The first method is to employ Preserving Boluses. You can get three of these from the Nomadic Merchant in Caelid, and you can get another five from the Shack of the Rotting further north in the same location. They can be constructed if you have the Armorer’s Cookbook [6] and the following tools:

  • 2x Dewkissed Herba
  • 1x Crystal Cave Moss
  • 1x Sacramental Bud

There is also an Incantation called as Flame, Cleanse Me that may be used to remedy this. This may be found on a dead body in the Fire Monk Camp, just southeast of the Church of Vows. This Incantation only takes 12 Faith to use, however it should only be used as a last option. It will treat both Poison and Scarlet Rot, but it will still do you harm. Fortunately, not nearly as much as each ailment will, thus it’s a really good trade off if you wind up without Preserving Boluses.

Remember, Use Rot To Your Advantage

Like other standing effects in Elden Ring, you can inflict Scarlet Rot on several adversaries, providing you with a considerable advantage when you approach completely infecting them. In addition to the Scorpion’s Stinger and the Antspur Rapier, any Rotten weapon will inflict Scarlet Rot on your enemies. It’s not just weaponry; incantations like Rotten Breath, Ezyke’s Decay, and the extremely powerful Scarlet Aeonia will afflict adversaries with this heinous debuff.