The Rock Sling gravity sorcery is one of the most important spells to cast in Elden Ring. This spell principally generates three boulders from the depths of the ocean to serve as missiles. These stones may just deliver some fair damage, and they work well with many gravity-based sorceries. You must venture through the red rot-infested regions of Caelid to get the very potent Rock Sling spell.

The Rock Sling Sorcery may be obtained from a treasure chest scattered across Caelid’s Street of Sages Ruins. It will be in an underground basement, prior to all the Poison Flowers and Servants of Rot. Although the Rock Sling is the only item within the tunnel, there are a couple of more items nearby that you may want to pick up. The Rock Sling takes only an 18 in Intelligence and costs only 18 FP.

For starters, there are two ways to go to the Street of Sages Ruins. The obvious path is to explore the marshy areas in search of more Caelid. The Swamp of Aeonia location, in particular, has three Sites of Grace: Aeonia Swamp Shore, Inner Aeonia, and Heart of Aeonia. You can access the Street of Sages Ruins via any of the three websites. Of course, summoning Torrent and traversing while on horseback is cunning. The Swamp is home to scarlet rot, which may be a vexing standing effect if you’re looking for anything specific.

Alternatively, if you’re still in Limgrave, visit the Dragon-Burnt Ruins at Agheel Lake. Undead adversaries and ferocious dogs are likely to lurk among the ruins, but all you need to do now is go underground. There will most likely be rats hiding in the shadows, so take care where you tread. However, ahead of you may be a deceptive treasure chest. You will then become entangled in a transporter lure, which will transfer you to the heart of the Sellia Crystal Tunnel.

When you spawn, head south until you reach the grace level. Rest if necessary, then make your way out of the crystal tunnel and into Caelid. Once you’re outside, you may continue your trek southwest along the Swamp of Aeonia. You’ll eventually reach the Ruins of the Street of Sages.

However, be cautious about where you go and how you get there. Invader Millicent roams the crimson country, so there’s a chance you’ll run across her. She’s mostly walking about the Swamp’s southeast corner, but who knows when she’ll have a surprise visit.