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Due to a problem, many players are unable to fight the boss Rennala in Elden Ring. What happens here is that she and her students are missing the golden shields, which are an important element of her first portion. So no matter how many of her minions you kill, you won’t be making any progress. However, there are just a few strategies you may try to remedy this problem. So, in this article, we’ll look at the Rennala boss battle glitch in Elden Ring and how to fix it.

How to Fix the Rennala Boss Fight Bug in Elden Ring

elden ring rennala boss fight bug fix

When the battle begins, Rennala and her minions do not have golden shields and drift aimlessly. There are several theories as to why you acquire the Rennala problem, as well as several potential workarounds to fix it. Let’s have a look at all of the below-the-surface fixes.

  • Don’t Play multiplayer: Many people believe this problem is related to co-op because it occurs when you invite a friend to fight her. As a result, you may simply avoid using summons in this battle. While this may not appear to be beneficial, her fight is rather simple, and you may be able to beat her first portion in a matter of minutes, and her second section in a matter of seconds. If you need further assistance with her, see our tutorial on how to handle Rennala.
  • Fight her at evening: This is an unusual fix, but it appears to have worked for Reddit user u/joao-louis. You may read their conversation on this thread. Simply wait till dark and then confront her. You may also adjust the time by visiting any grace site.
  • Summon and enter the room: IfIf you persist on fighting her with a summon, this repair should get you the results you seek. Basically, phone a friend or a stranger before you enter. However, instead of being completely ready for them to be summoned. Enter the boss’s office. This should properly start the battle while also allowing your summon to participate.
  • Restart the game: If none of the preceding remedies work, this is probably the most basic repair you should try. Close the game completely and try playing again; the combat should operate properly as soon as the game starts.