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Elden Ring

Elden Ring will reveal a variety of heritage dungeons as you advance through the Lands Between. Raya Lucaria Academy is one of the heritage dungeons located in the Liurnia of Lakes. You’ll run into bosses like Red Wolf of Radagon and Rennala right here. However, once you get at the Academy, the entrance is sealed with magic and can only be unlocked with a key. So, right here’s our method to locating the key to unlocking Raya Lucaria Academy in Elden Ring.

The Raya Lucaria Academy can only be accessible using the Academy Glintstone key. You can get two of the same keys in two separate spots. However, in order to obtain the second key, you must first obtain the first Academy Glinstone key.

You may use this key to open all of the Raya Lucaria Academy’s gates. The major key may be found to the west of the South Raya Lucaria Gate, near Grace. The Glintstone Dragon Smarag may be found when you proceed through the marshes of the Liurnia of Lakes. You can sneak up behind him and take the Glintstone key.

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You don’t have to fight the Smarag dragon to get the vital stuff. The secret of the Academy Glintstone may be found beside the lying body. Once you’ve gathered the necessary items, go to the Raya Lucaria Academy to unlock the seal. Alternatively, you can obtain one more Glinstone key to give to Thops. As previously said, you’ll be able to receive this key only once you’ve gotten the main one.