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Elden Ring

White-faced Varre is without a doubt one of Elden Ring’s most fascinating and odd NPCs. This white-faced guy never stops, from referring to players as maidenless to referring to them as his lambkin. While this is why some of the players attacked him, Varre is the one who can offer the Pureblood Knight medal. It may be used to teleport directly to the Mohgwyn Palace. So, here’s our approach to obtaining the Pureblood Knight Medal in Elden Ring.

How to Get Pureblood Knight Medal in Elden Ring?

  • You can get the Pureblood Knight medal from the White-faced Varre upon exhausting all his conversations.
  • But for that, you must set off Varre’s questline and defeat Godrick, the Grafted.
  • You can encounter him on the Rose Church positioned on the Liurnia of the Lakes.
  • He will likely be standing right exterior the doorway of the Rose Church.
  • As you speak with Varre, he’ll ask you about your impression of the Two Fingers. Select “they didn’t seem right” to which he’ll agree.
  • Talk to him once more to exhaust all his conversations till he provides you 5 Festering Bloody Fingers.
  • Then, use Festering Bloody fingers to invade at the least 3 different worlds.
  • Now, as you come back to the Church to speak to him, he’ll assign you with discovering maiden blood. You can take a look at our guide on where to search out Maiden blood.
  • Return to him and have a dialog once more. He will ask for a sacrifice of your finger that will provide you with a Blood finger (multiplayer merchandise).
  • As you speak to him once more, he will provide you with a reward of Pureblood Knight Medal. If not, carry on speaking with Varre till you obtain one.
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When to make use of Pure Blood Knight Medal?

The Pureblood Knight medal can be used to gain viewers or teleport to the Mohgwyn Dynasty. While Varre advises against using it, this is a misdirection. The medal from the Inventory can be used. When you use it, you will immediately teleport to the Mohgwyn Palace. You can explore the planet and invade the White-faced Varre in order to vanquish him. However, if you murder Varre precisely here, you will be unable to resurrect him via the Church of Vows. You may even use the medal to beat Mohg, the Lord of Blood, if you succeed in Mohgwyn Dynasty.