Elden Ring is brimming with baubles and artefacts of all kinds. Some players, on the other hand, have a favourite weapon for the build they’re working on. Some people prefer axes for fighting, while others prefer swords. The Noble’s Slender sword is one of the weapons that appears to have been utilised rather frequently, and with good reason!

How to Get the Noble’s Slender Sword in Elden Ring

Wandering Nobles in Lingrave and Raya Lucaria Academy drop the Noble’s Slender sword. Described as one of the longest straight swords in Elden Ring, gamers with a build oriented on Dexterity and Strength will want to seek it out. Its energy level grows with your stats.

Defeating these foes is the easiest way to obtain the Noble’s Slender sword. However, the weapon’s drop chance is 0.5 percent, so you’ll be stopping a lot of people from getting their hands on it. The best way to harvest foes for the sword is to visit the Raya Lucaria Academy’s Great Debate Room. Once you’ve granted access to the boss room, turn to the left and there should be two Wandering nobles picking weeds.

Kill them, then go up the stairs, where there will be more than the two pupils. Each Wandering Noble has the option of dropping the Noble’s Slender sword. When you finally get the sword to drop. It’s quite beneficial. You will be able to enhance the sword with a Smithing Stone, and it has specific passive effects for Poison, Cold, and Blood above 25. It’s no Rivers of Blood Katana or Moonlight Greatsword, but it’s quite useful.

The sword is also capable of being equipped with the Ash of War Skill: Square Off. Its low weight stat is ideal for gamers that are quick on their feet. It’s said to be one of the only weapons in the neighbourhood that’s “slept on,” and it’s incredibly eco-friendly in the appropriate hands.