Elden Ring mod replaces each enemy with Malenia – fan nonetheless manages to beat the game

Image through FromSoftware

Malenia, Blade of Miquella is undoubtedly one of many hardest boss fights in all of Elden Ring, maybe the hardest. Thankfully, you solely ever need to battle her as soon as, however think about how far more troublesome the game would turn into if each enemy was Malenia. Thanks to mods, you don’t need to think about it.

YouTuber Bushy just lately tried this problem, made doable because of a randomizer mod through Nexus Mods. Normally, what it does is randomize each enemy and merchandise in Elden Ring so that you don’t know what you’ll be dealing with. Bushy, nevertheless, set it up so each enemy encounter can be Malenia, leading to at the very least one occasion where he needed to cope with a number of Malenias without delay.

As unattainable as this problem sounds, Bushy did handle to beat Elden Ring with the mod put in, though it did take him eight hours. He has shared a compilation reel of his efforts on YouTube, trimming it all the way down to about 50 minutes, if you’d like a reminder that irrespective of how good you might be at Elden Ring, there’s somebody higher than you. It’s undeniably spectacular contemplating Malenia lacks any actual weaknesses and has quick and highly effective long-range assaults.

As troublesome as she is to beat, this isn’t the one time we’ve seen gamers flex on her. A participant named Let Me Solo Her made a reputation for themselves by recurrently aiding others with taking her down, managing to kill her at the very least 1,000 occasions singlehandedly. Someone else even beat her with a dance pad as a substitute of a daily controller.

Elden Ring mods like this have helped give gamers one thing new to do in lieu of any official DLC, which FromSoftware has but to formally verify. One such mod added a fan-made character class and one other Malenia associated one pitted her towards each different boss within the game.