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Elden Ring

Following a Boss Fight in Elden Ring, you will be taken to a sequence in which a Meteor flies down to Earth and collides with a blinding explosion. When we check our Map after the cutscene, we discover that nothing has changed. What happened to the Meteor? Was it genuine or a forgery? This guide will show you where the Meteor struck in Elden Ring.

Where does the Meteor Hit in Elden Ring?

 meteor hit crater in elden ring

Before we go into the Meteor, let’s speak about the Boss Fight that caused it. To obtain at least one of the game’s multiple endings, you must battle Starscourge Radahn Boss in Elden Ring. He is a large and destructive boss that lives in Caelid. After completing a large amount of Ranni’s Questline, you can enter the Fight through the Redmane Castle. Alternatively, you can utilise Dectus’ Grand Lift. The Boss Fight is tough, and you will have to try several times if you are not competent enough.

When you beat him, a cinematic will play depicting a meteor crashing onto the Earth with immense force. The Meteor Crater is located in Limgrave, somewhat west of the Fort Haight West Site of Grace. The Crater is enormous, and some rocks float above it. If you are in Limgrave, there is a good probability you will notice it.

When you visit the Meteor Hit Site in Elden Ring, you will discover a route that you may descend. Be cautious, since one false action might result in your death. If you carefully descend and then follow the path, you will eventually arrive at Nokron, the Eternal City. This path will display the full map of Nokron, Eternal City.