Elden Ring
Elden Ring

Elden Ring is a difficult game to master. Enemies and bosses can be difficult to deal with. Regular Physical Weapons can’t always help us. Don’t worry, for the game allows the player to employ Magic. Magic is a distinct style of combat that may be used in conjunction with physical attacks. However, the question of how we can employ Magic emerges. I’ll show you how to utilise Magic in Elden Ring in this article.

How to Use Magic in Elden Ring

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Magic will be classified as Sorcery & Incantation in Elden Ring. Both Sorcery and Incantation summon a powerful performance from the Dark Arts. They can play offensively, defensively, or as a support player. The Spell will decrease your FP Bar if you use both Sorcery and Incantation. Having enough FP guarantees that you will be able to perform the Spell. Both are linked, yet they require different components to function. You will need a Staff to perform a Sorcery Spell. You will need a Sacred Seal to perform an Incantation Spell.

Each type of magic necessitates that the player be of a certain age and possess certain characteristics. Sorcery uses the Intelligence stat, whereas Incantation uses the Faith stat. Increasing these stats will boost the damage potential of your Spells. Mind and Arcane are two other stats to keep an eye on. The Mind Stat is your FP Bar; the higher it is, the more FP you should have. Arcane will not be utilised very much, however it is used in several Spells.

To cast a Magic Spell in Elden Ring, you must first equip the Staff or the Sacred Seal. Following that, you must select a Spell from your Memory and perform it by striking like you would with a Sword. To equip Spells, you must first visit a Site of Grace and collaborate with it. Memorize Spells must be current on the Menu. When you click on it, you will be able to select the Spells & Incantations that you have recently learned, acquired, or found. Keep an eye on your stats and FP because a decline after a certain level will prevent you from using magic in Elden Ring.