Elden Ring
Elden Ring

Incantations are more powerful than miracles! Elden Ring has spoilt Faith casters with the sheer quantity of assaults and options available to them. And the amount of Lightning Incantations you may obtain is mind-boggling! Lightning Spear has returned, and there are a plethora of additional faith-based lightning spells to be stolen! Lightning Strike may be found early on in the game. This is a powerful ranged spell that is essential for early faith-casting setups. So, if you’re seeking for a reasonably priced ranging alternative, we can assist you!

How to Get the Lightning Strike Incantation in Elden Ring

Lightning Strike lies at the Weeping Peninsula, in the ocean between the map’s eastern and western halves. It is located just in front of the Morne Tunnel minidungeon. Make your way cautiously down the cliffside to uncover a Scarab guarded by six gigantic bats. Lightning Strike needs 28 Faith to cast, although it has a rather high range and may be spam-cast.

The Weeping Peninsula is a rather early-game region that may be explored right away. This incantation, however, needs 28 Faith, a hefty prerequisite for every single starting class. It is advised that you level up several times before getting this incantation. The spell itself is simply resisted by bats, who are easily dispatched. Lightning bolts, on the other hand, will spawn everywhere around you. To dodge most of the harm, stay on your feet and make excellent use of leaps.

Don’t worry if you miss the scarab! Enter the Morne Tunnel and relax at the site of Grace. You may then go back out and try again until you succeed. This spell is excellent for spamming. It has a comparable range to Lightning Spear. It does, however, come from above your target, making it ideal for weaving around corners. It will also attack more foes at once than Lightning Spear if they gather together first.

Coming from above, on the other hand, has certain drawbacks. Tall foes may be shielded from the bolt by ceilings. Examine the circumstance and use Lightning Strike when it is most advantageous to you.