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Elden Ring

If you’ve been grinding on Elden Ring for a while, you’ve probably heard about Scarlet Rot. It is a sort of Status effect that causes harm as it accumulates. When the build-up is completely filled, it deals more damage and does it faster than Poison. The Scarlet Rot can be contracted while passing through the Lake of Rot owing to the Red waters. However, because the entire region is filled with Lakes, you must go across it to get through the region. Not to worry, we’ve got you covered with our guide to navigating Elden Ring’s Lake of Rot.

How to Get to Lake of Rot

To get to the Lake of Rot, travel to the Ainsel River main. As you travel past the Ainsel river, keep to the southwest. As you go through the quest, you will come upon the Nokstella Waterfall basin, which is the location of Grace. Then you’ll come upon an elevator that will transport you to the Lake of Rot. You can rest and save your location at the Lake of Rot Shoreside, Site of Grace when you enter the place. You will come across a Nomadic Merchant near the site. This is an excellent moment to stockpile supplies.

To cure the Scarlet Rot, you can acquire Preserving Boluses. It costs around 2500 Runes. We also recommend acquiring a few consumables, talismans, and incantations to aid you on your journey. Make sure to stock up on Flasks of Crimson Tears as well.

How to Get Through Lake of Rot in Elden Ring

elden ring how to get through lake of rot
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As you plunge into the Lake, you will notice the Scarlet Rot build-up. To prevent being filled, try to get on buildings above the water. However, if you stay in one place for an extended period of time, you will be surrounded by multiple Basilisks swimming in the lake. Be wary of these animals since their smoke might cause the Death status effect. You may now detect multiple shattered pillar constructions.

When you stand on them, it will activate and elevate the surrounding landmasses. To go to the Grand Cloister, we must walk through the Rot lake. While it may cause the Scarlet Rot, you may combat it using Preserving boluses and Crimson tears. When you approach the entrance, turn left to discover a red waterfall cascading downhill. You may discover the Grand Cloister, Site of Grace, by taking the stairs down.