Elden Ring
Elden Ring

Having the best protective armour will allow you to take a lot of hits in Elden Ring. The ability to take some additional damage can often be a determining factor in a boss encounter. That is where the protection comes in. While each armour provides some level of protection, selecting the appropriate armour will alter the way you fight adversaries. So, with this guide, we’ll be able to test the best armour with the most protection in the game, as well as other alternatives.

Armor with Highest Defense in Elden Ring

Lionel’s Set is the armor with the very best protection within the game. It is the armor that comes very near Bull-Goat armor set by way of protection and poise. Here are its stats.

  • Poise: 79
  • Combined Weight: 50.7 Weight
  • Damage Negation
    • Physical: 38.3
    • Strike: 35.7
    • Slash: 42.2
    • Pierce: 43.4
    • Magic: 29.3
    • Fire: 32.4
    • Lightning: 28.2
    • Holy: 29.3

The bull-Goat armour combination is nice, but it doesn’t suit the purpose of being the armour with the finest poise. If you compare the stats of the armour to Lionel’s Set, you’ll notice that Lionel’s Set is stronger in slash, pierce, magic, hearth, and holy damage negation. There is also a significant difference in the combined weight of those two armors. The Lionel’s Armor Set may be obtained in Leyndell, the Royal Capital. Travel quickly to the Lower Capital Church’s grace location. You’ll find the outfit on a mattress, together with the Deathbed gown, here.

Armor choices with High Defense

If Lionel’s Set wasn’t to your liking then you must strive these units.

  • Bull-Goat Armor Set: This goes without saying, but the second-best armour with the finest protection. And, as previously said, it will provide you with the finest poise in the game.
  • Veteran’s Set: This is a wonderful option if you require a lot of protection, a lot of poise, and a lot of light armour. In compared to the previous two armour units, the combined weight of the Veteran’s Set is just 45. Nonetheless, it grants you 79 poise. And the best part is that it’s quite straightforward to obtain, since you can buy it from Enia for 18000 Runes. Keep in mind that it will only be available once you have killed Commander Niall.