Elden Ring
Elden Ring

The Golden Order inspired the Goldmask Armor Set. It is a bare-bones suit of Armor that offers little physical protection but is ideal for Incantation users. Particularly useful for Golden Order Incantations. I’ll teach you how to earn the Goldmask Armor Set in Elden Ring in this article.

How to Get the Goldmask Armor Set in Elden Ring

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Only after completing Brother Corhyn’s Questline will you be able to obtain the Armor Set. Begin the Questline by speaking with Brother Corhyn in the Roundtable Hold. The next time you’ll see him is in Altus Plateau, near the Map Fragment. Don’t be concerned if he isn’t alive for you; he isn’t necessary for the mission. After meeting him, proceed to the Northern Great Bridge to encounter Goldmask, who is located in the far north of Altus Plateau. The Road Of Iniquity Side Path Site is the closest Grace.

Goldmask may be found near the Bridge’s southern end. Return to Brother Corhyn and inform him of this; he will go from there and travel to Goldmask. Both of them will migrate after you reach Leyndell. Regardless of what you’ve done, both of them will be on the move by the time you get at Leyndell. You can begin the Quest from this point if you choose.

Go to the West Capital Rampart Site of Grace in Leyndell. From there, take the path that leads to the Gargoyle statue and descend beneath the trees. Follow the trail until you come upon a Duelist adversary and then turn right, slithering uphill. Goldmask will be standing at the brink of the Cliff. The primary Story Boss Fight Arena will be located in front of Goldmask. Defeat it before proceeding to the Erdtree Sanctuary Site of Grace.

From there, proceed to the Balcony and then up the Branch. This will take you to another balcony-like location, where you should take the first left and then enter the window. Another Tree Branch will appear; climb it to locate the Golden Order Principia on a hanging structure.

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You will be able to learn the Law of Regression Incantation using the Golden Order Principia. You will need 37 Intelligence to utilise the Incantation. Learn this Incantation from any Incantation instructor. Return to the Erdtree Site of Grace and exit. On the right side of the Stairs, there will be an elevator. A statue of Radagon may be seen at the bottom of the elevator. “Regression alone discloses secrets,” a notice on the floor would say. When you apply the Law of Regression, the Radagon Statue will transform into Marika. There will be another notice on the floor that says, “Radagon is Marika.”

Return to Goldmask and inform him of your find. He will bestow the Golden Order Totality Gesture onto you (the T-Pose Gesture). Now proceed to the Mountaintops of the Giants, where you will find the Stargazer Ruins. It is located in the region west of the Minor Erdtree. Go south from the ruins to the Bridge, where you will encounter Goldmask and, if he is still alive, Brother Corhyn. Talk to them. Following that, complete the Mountaintops of the Giants region as well as the Crumbling Farum Azula region. Leyndell will become the Ashen Capital once you beat the Boss in Crumbling Farum Azula. Head entirely south from the Site of Grace to locate a side route with a Bridge and a Branch. Continue on the Path until you reach the Body of goldmask.

The Mending Rune of Perfect Order may be found on his body. This will allow you to access an alternate ending to Elden Ring. Reload the region in order to discover Goldmask’s Rags, Gold Bracelets, and Gold Waistwraps. In order to obtain the Radiant Gold Mask. Return to the Great Bridge where he was initially discovered and go to the Broken section of the Bridge. At the end of the Bridge, there is a corpse wearing the Radiant Gold Mask.