Elden Ring

Glowing Statues in Elden Ring are Maiden figurines with a large crack on their Torso through which a Light shines. As a result, they are known as Glowing Statues. As you’ve seen, engaging with them by closing your eyes or holding a weapon has no effect. Most players would abandon it since they didn’t know what to do with it, which is where this guide comes in. I’ll teach you how to Break the Glowing Statue in Elden Ring in this article.

How to Break a Glowing Statue in Elden Ring

glowing statue elden ring

As previously stated, a Glowing Statue in Elden Ring is a large statue of a Maiden that is trapped within the ground. Any movement made by the participant has no effect on these Statues. As a result, many people would turn away from them. However, there is a method for working with them. Once you’ve broken them, you may loot the various types of Smithing Stones from them. That is reason enough to at least try to unlock them. And, as long as you can live, opening them is an easy task.

Glowing Statues are always close to a Giant adversary, which is how it works. If you notice a Glowing Statue, it means that a Giant adversary is nearby. This should not be taken as a warning; these opponents are the only ones capable of breaking open a Glowing Statue in Elden Ring. All you have to do is draw the enemy’s attention and force them to hit you when you’re near to or on top of the Glowing Statue. This is going to break it. The following enemies are capable of doing so:

  • Trolls
  • Golems
  • Lesser Runebears
  • Giant Crabs
  • Dragons