Elden Ring gamers need Morgott, Tibia Mariner, different bosses buffed for extra problem

Image through FromSoftware

Elden Ring is a lovely, good game, however it’s additionally hella arduous. As difficult as it may be, some gamers wish to see it made even more durable by way of buffed-up bosses.

Reddit consumer Spydaa__ posed the query in a thread, asking, “Which boss do you think deserves an adjustment/buff to make it more challenging?” They begin the dialogue with an connected screenshot of Morgott, the Omen King, whom you’ll face earlier than getting into the endgame areas. Morgott himself fights practically similar to Margit, the Fell Omen, making the battle a bit trivial for some. Morgott will get some extra votes within the thread, together with a suggestion of a double boss with each him and his brother Mohg, Lord of Blood.

Other ideas embrace the Tibia Mariner, whom you’ll face a number of occasions throughout The Lands Between, and Lichdragon Fortissax. He’s discovered within the Deeproot Depths on the finish of Fia’s quest. Some gamers even wish to see the ultimate boss buffed and break up into extra fights.

What’s humorous is that FromSoftware has made boss changes earlier than, albeit unintentionally in some circumstances. General Radahn was unintentionally nerfed, whereas Malenia loved a therapeutic glitch that permit her spontaneously recuperate health. Both of these have since been mounted, with Radahn bumped as much as full energy and Malenia introduced right down to her common (extraordinarily tough) self. Those nonetheless in search of a better problem on PC can try the Elden Ring Ascended mod, which truly does make the entire game more durable.