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Elden Ring

Fire Giant is one of the key bosses in Elden Ring that you will need to defeat in order to proceed through the tale. He can cause a lot of damage with only a few hits. Because he is large, his attacks and some of his strikes are slow. And being caught up in an assault might simply mean death. However, once you understand how his attacks work, you should be able to dispatch him quickly. So, on this guide, we’ll learn how to defeat the Fire Giant in Elden Ring and how to use the cheese technique.

How to Defeat the Fire Giant in Elden Ring

elden ring how to beat the fire giant and learn cheese method
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You can beat the Fire Giant in Elden Ring by attacking his legs and chipping his health away. There are two phases of this combatthe primary section has numerous melee assaults. While the second section makes use of extra ranged assaults. Let us check out the assaults utilized by him in each phases.

Phase 1

  • Wave of Snow: The Fire Giant will thrust his shield into the ground. He’ll then send a wave of snow in your way. You may avoid it by working/rolling behind him as he thrusts the protect. This attack covers a large area, thus rolling to the side will not help you avoid it. You might also try using your shield to stop this attack.
  • Shield smack: The Fire Giant will increase his protect and smack it on the bottom. This assault is comparatively simpler to dodge when in comparison with the above assault. But for the reason that protect is massive you’ll have to be fast when dodging it.
  • Ground Stomp: He will stomp its ft on the bottom to crush you. You can dodge this assault if you see him elevating his ft by working in the direction of the opposite ft or in the other way.
  • Roll: While that is no direct assaultit should do a roll to get away from you. You can get crushed by it for those who get beneath it.
  • Flame eruptions: The Flames Giant will expel a ball of fire from its chest’s face. He will then apply it to the bottom to cause flames to erupt. These should be easy to avoid as soon as the bottom begins to turn orange with flames. Keep in mind that this attack spans a certain range of space and that there will most likely be a number of eruptions across this range. So, if you’re not sure how to avoid them, simply leave the planet and wait for the eruptions to stop.

Once you carry his HP close to half you will note a cutscene. This is your cue for the start of the 2nd section.

Phase 2

  • Spewing hearth on the bottom: The Fire Giant will get down on all fours and kneel. First, he’ll set off flame eruptions and monitor the assault by breathing hearth on the ground. You can continue fighting as the flame eruptions begin. But don’t get too carried away with your assaults, for the flame eruptions will cover more and more of the earth as time goes on. And because the hearth respiration spans a large area, it is advisable to stay as far away from it as possible.
  • Launching flame balls: It will launch fireballs in the direction of the participantThese flame balls are fairly huge and can strategy the gamers fairly slowly as they aren’t precisely projectile assaults. But after a couple of seconds, these flame balls will erupt that covers a giant space. These are fairly simple to evade.
  • Side Roll: Targetting its legs is the assault that you’ll do more often than not. So if you find yourself beneath him he’ll sometimes roll to the aspect as a way to trample you.
  • Launch fireballs: It will throw massive balls of fireplace in the direction of the participantThese are quick and really feel extra like a launch of projectile volley when in comparison with the flame balls assault.
  • Fire meteorite launches: It will kneel and breathe hearth into the air utilizing its chest face. The hearth big will do that thrice and it should trigger meteorites coated within the hearth to fall on the bottom. This assault additionally covers a big space so it is best to hold working as a way to dodge it.
  • Flame thrower: It will launch a column of flames in the direction of you utilizing its chest face.

General tricks to beat Fire Giant in Elden Ring

  • Try focusing your assaults on the shackles in his ft. Once you break it this may stagger him for a couple of seconds permitting you to deal extra injury. This tip works rather well in his first section.
  • For your preliminary few tries strive specializing in attacking much less and studying his moveset extra. As his strikes are a bit sluggish however as soon as they join they deal a ton of injuryto not point out they cowl numerous space.
  • Once you’re properly versed along with his assaults strive staying near him and assault his ft. This trick works for each his phases.

How to Cheese the Fire Giant in Elden Ring

how to cheese the fire giant in elden ring
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  1. This technique requires you to lure the Fire Giant to the sting of the map where there are two massive rocks.
  2. You must make it climb the left rock after which the correct rock and lastly leap from the correct rock. The proper rock is greater than the left one.
  3. Once you do it the primary time it should take some injuryround 15%-20% of his health, and start the second section.
  4. Next, you must repeat the identical technique of getting him to leap from the rock for his second section as properly.
  5. Things will get difficult right here as he’s a lot slower this time and makes use of extra ranged assaults. Once you make him do the leapit should immediately remove him.