Elden Ring
Elden Ring

To continue through Elden Ring, you must equip all of the very efficient weapons and spirits, but you must also be vigilant. The Fingerprint Stone defend, as the name implies, is one of the Greatshields that deal with the Strength qualities. It is one of the heaviest shields, yet it may be used to push close attackers away. So, here’s our approach to obtaining the Fingerprint Stone defence in Elden Ring.

This defence may be found in the Subterranean Shunning-Grounds in the Cathedral of Forsaken. But before you get your hands on this Ancient Greatshield, you must first vanquish Mohg, the Omen over there. As you continue through this area, you may face a lot of Frenzied Nomads and other opponents. When you’ve located this location of Grace, you can even make a fast trip to the Forsaken Depths. After defeating Mohg, the Omen, you can obtain the treasure box under the candle-lit altar. Then, leap over the altar to reveal a secret path. A wood bridge may be seen as you proceed straight and in a precise direction. You must approach the gravestones and wood beams with caution.

To begin, you should drop on another wood bridge that connects two Alcoves. After that, descend to a separate wood beam. Now, descend all the way to a protruding grave. From there, you’ll come across a grave with illuminating markings. Drop down on that headstone and collect the runes that have been misplaced. You should now descend all the way to the left headstone. Finally, bring a body all the way down to the headstone. You may obtain the Inescapable Frenzy incantation and access a short corridor when you acquire the Pillage stays. Take a right and you’ll find the Fingerprint Stone Shield at the end of the hallway.

fingerprint stone shield elden ring
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How to Use Fingerprint Stone Shield?

This Greatshield weighs 29.0 pounds and deals the Madness standing build-up to opponents. Shield Bash is its default skill, which uses 10 Focus elements (FP). The Fingerprint Shield may be improved with consumables and enchanted with magic. Additionally, you may use Ashes of War on this defence. Instead of parrying, use this defence to filter out nearby attackers and during boss encounters.