Elden Ring
Elden Ring

Fall Damage isn’t as important in Elden Ring as it was in Dark Souls. One of the best Fall Damage choices for this game is that many times you’ll just lose Stamina for some massive falls. The problem, though, is the apex. For certain jumps, you’ll lose nothing, whereas for others, you’ll lose energy, health, and usually die. So, using this tutorial, we’ll be able to test strategies for preventing Fall Damage in Elden Ring and evaluate how they function.

How to Prevent Fall Damage in Elden Ring

There are two methods to forestall Fall Damage in Elden Ring.

Drop Rainbow stones: This is a product that you may easily ignore. On paper, it appears to have no purpose; yet, if you read its description, you will discover its specific use. You may use it to determine how lethal autumn can be. According to the game’s description of the product. The higher the pitch of the stone, the more damage you’ll receive if you fall.

So, in this instance, simply remember to heal yourself before taking such a jump. Drop a rainbow stone, and if it sparkles, you’ll make it through the fall. In fact, if the stone fractures as it falls, you will perish as well if you choose to make the leap. In order to put it to use.

  1. Open your stock.
  2. Under the Tools tab, search for Rainbow stones.
  3. Click on it and choose use. Be positive to be close to a cliff where you want to take a look at the drop.
  4. You will see your character drop a rainbow stone.
  5. You can craft a rainbow stone by utilizing a smash fragment. All you want is the crafting package in an effort to make this merchandise your self.

Equip Longtail Cat Talisman: This isn’t that useful, but you should use it if you absolutely have to. According to the game’s description, it “makes the user immune to fall damage.” It will neutralise the complete fall injury, but the caveat is that you may still fall to your death if the leap is simply too high. So it’s a game of chance, and if you believe the autumn won’t kill you, you may jump. The end outcome might be one of the two: you’ll die or you’ll be found innocent.