Elden Ring
Elden Ring

Elden Ring allows you to replicate memories as a feature in this game. As strange as it may seem, this is not a bug and is something the game encourages you to do. So, after defeating Godrick, are you wondering if you should take the Grafted Dragon or the Axe? Now you might be able to have both. Finally, there is no need to be concerned about how to spend the Remembrance dropped by bosses. So, using this technique, we may discover how to replicate recollection in Elden Ring.

How to Duplicate Remembrance in Elden Ring

You can Duplicate Remembrance in Elden Ring by destroying the white crystals or fungi on the toes of the Walking Mausoleums. The course of is so simple as that, allow us to check out the precise steps for it.

  1. Walking Mausoleums are turtle-like constructions that yow will discover in sure areas within the Lands Between. Some of them may have a big bell beneath them whereas others gained’t.
  2. You can find a mausoleum by conserving your ear out for any bell-like sounds.
  3. Once you discover one run in the direction of it and begin attacking on the white crystals on its toes.
  4. While you might be attacking it, it’s going to attempt to stomp you sometimes. Look out for this assault and dodge it by operating away from it.
  5. Once you destroy all of the crystals it’s going to come down. In case it doesn’t decrease itself then you definately may need missed some crystals so make sure you break them completely.
  6. After all of the crystals are destroyed you will note itself decrease down. Start operating away to not get crushed by it.
  7. Once it’s down stroll up the steps and head contained in the doorways.
  8. Here you’ll find an Altar. Head to it and choose the Remembrance that you just want to duplicate.
  9. That is all you could do to duplicate your remembrances.