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Elden Ring

Disgusted by the lack of honour between players when playing Elden Ring duel matches? I’m the same way. If you had grinded on the Soul collecting, you may have concentrated on the many criteria of PVP matches. These rules are in place not just to keep barbarism at bay, but also to uphold the Knight’s Code of Honor. While some gamers follow these unspoken rules, others do not. On this guide on how to duel in Elden Ring, we have compiled some etiquettes that were noticed and adopted by the Souls group.

elden ring duel matches etiquettes

Distinction Between Duels and Invasions

Before initiating the duel, determine whether the combatant you’re up against is prepared for a duel. When it comes to new players who aren’t aware of the duel rules, they might attack as soon as you reach their planet. As a result, decide whether the conflict will be a duel or an invasion at all times. Because PvP battles include being attacked or invading another player’s realm, you may have more control if you invade.

Let the Enemy Buff

Would you like to fight a duel against a wounded or unfinished construct? Definitely not, in my view. The duel may be an unjust fight because the participant should not even be fighting at his best. You can allow the player to finish his construction by using all of the bonuses. In addition, take use of this opportunity to buff yourself.

Wave or Bow to Acknowledge

If the duel is set, you should use any of the emotive movements. While bowing is considered most modest, it may be a risky business. Because the emote takes a little longer than the wave emotes, the participant may assault you. In situations like these, we recommend paying attention to the gestures of the players in the duel. If they bow, it is safe to bow. You may stand without using any emotes. It’s an honourable conflict unless you’re honouring the participant in a duel by not assaulting.

Don’t Attack a Player utilizing an Emote

This was the one question I asked the participant when preventing my first battle (earlier than I defeated the invader). It is not a good idea to attack a player when they are selecting an emote to acknowledge you. As soon as they’re finished with his motion, you can charge the player and begin the duel.

Allowing FP Flasks

While it is forbidden to employ medicinal consumables in a battle, you should use the Flask of Cerulean tears. It’s true since it just recovers the FP. Certain flasks of Wondrous Physick that provide benefits to the players are also permitted in some duels.

Thou Shalt Not Heal

Although this one is a little more challenging, it has been the most acceptable and dignified of all. It also tempts your adversary to call you a Mega Noob. It is correct to employ Crimson Tears in an invasion. However, using them during a battle is not recommended by the organisation.