Elden Ring
Elden Ring

Elden Ring’s Coded Sword is a formidable weapon with lethal holy powers. It has a massive amount of Critical damage and is also unblockable. With a few of penetrating hits, this sword may swiftly destroy foes. If you’re desperate to get your hands on the Coded Sword, go no further than our guide to its exact location.

Elden Ring Coded Sword Location Map

The Coded Sword may be found in Leyndell, Royal Capital, in a structure that resembles Roundtable Hold. You’ll need to get to the higher stories of the building to get there. Look around for a horse barn to climb on top of. Then, proceed to the second storey and enter the area behind the damaged staircase.

Continue down the corridor from where you entered the horse barn until you can make a right. Another round table with swords piercing the centre may be seen here. A Rune Arc is available for you to take, so be sure to do so. The Coded Sword will be in the chamber with double doors to the left. This is essentially the throne chamber, with the sword in issue sitting on the main throne. There will be no adversaries to distract you, so it’s all yours.

This unblockable sword is one of the most powerful holy weapons in the game. Just to properly wield it, you’ll require 20 Faith. A fully upgraded Coded Sword has a holy damage scaling of 208. Just make a point of gathering Somber Smithing Stones whenever you get the chance; these increase the ultimate power of your holy blade. And, thanks to its tremendous range, you’ll be able to deliver damage to a few adversaries without fear of being blocked. When going for larger attacks, it does have a bit of a windup, so keep that in mind.