Plowing through Elden Ring will be a daunting proposition, which is why Carian Retaliation is so useful. This Sorcery performs a parry function, allowing you to deflect approaching enemy magic and even throw it back at them. This spell is frequently a game changer if you’re a defensive player. Learn how to obtain Carian Retaliation in Elden Ring.

Pidia, a service provider in Caria Manor, which provides the Carian Retaliation Sorcery. Unfortunately, Pidia is a difficult to reach. To find him, start near Seluvis’ Rise, in the direction of the south-east of the globe outside the manor, and make your way down the manor’s outer perimeter.

Begin at Seluvis’ Rise and make your way to the outside rim of the manor grounds, then to the bottom-right nook of the building’s wall. If you find it correctly, you’ll find a dip within the cliff’s border that drops all the way down to a stone plinth. Then lower yourself onto the wood scaffolding beneath the gaping hole in the wall. Drop down twice more, onto another wood slab, and then the stone wall with a hatch leading downward.

Follow the ladder down through the hatch until you reach the service provider Pidia. If you speak with him, you’ll find the Carian Retaliation Sorcery among his items on the market. It will cost you 3,000 runes to acquire, but it is unquestionably worth it. You can then equip it by resting at a Site of Grace, just like any other spell.

We recommend going to Selvius’ Rise and obtaining the Carian Retaliation because of how useful it is in combat. The ability to parry enemy spells and return them is quite useful, especially when dealing with magic-based opponents that have been introduced into the game. Even better, you don’t have to complete any lengthy tasks to obtain it.