Elden Ring contains a plethora of bright and bizarre weapon arts for you to discover. You’ll find something to fit your playstyle, from decent ranged attacks to explosive explosions. However, with so many Arts of War to choose from, you may have difficulty determining which one is best for your build. The Carian Grandeur weapon skill is one of the slower ones, but it is truly amazing when you can pull it off. As a result, we’re going to tell you where you can get this insane Art of War.

Where to search out Carian Grandeur in Elden Ring

Carian Grandeur is located in northern Liurnia of the Lakes inside the Caria Manor. By crossing the masonry within this dungeon, you can reach the higher levels of the Caria Manor. Then, from the upper cliffs, descend to the destination shown on the map above. A body with a purple glow will most likely be found on this ledge. That corpse possesses Carian Grandeur, a massive intelligence-scaling sword swing with a significant cost in time. It’s even linked to a Somber weapon in Northwest Liurnia, within the chest of a troll caravan.

Caria Manor is available once you’ve fought the game’s main bosses, Godrick the Grafted and his pal Margit. To reach to the pinnacle of Liurnia and this far inside Caria Manor, you may need to be geared and levelled to that period. We recommend reaching level 60 before arriving here, as the opponents throughout the Manor might be aggravating to fight. Fire is quite effective against all of them, so deliver some Fire Pots.

The ability is an Area of Effect in front of you. It has a medium cost time, but two more phases may be required to cope with big harm and improve the dimensions of the influence. This might be useful for preparing round corners for foes or penalising a staggered adversary.

This ability is also available in the Carian Knight’s Sword. This weapon may be found in Liurnia of the Lakes, northwest, in a Troll convoy. You can get in by killing one troll and then jumping behind the waggon. It is an Intelligence-scaling Sword that reduces Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence. It works best with Strength.