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The Blasphemous Blade is a brand-new weapon in Elden Ring. It is a Greatsword that cannot be affected by Ashes of War or Incantations. Despite this, it does have a Unique Skill, the Taker’s Flame. If your foes are giving you a difficult time, this Weapon will make things easier for you. In this tutorial, I’ll teach you how to obtain the Blasphemous Blade from Elden Ring.

How to Get the Blasphemous Blade in Elden Ring

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The process of obtaining the Blasphemous Blade in Elden Ring is rather extensive. In addition to being time-consuming, you will have to battle a Boss that is difficult to deal with. To obtain the Blade, you must first obtain Remembrance of the Blasphemous. It is a tradable item that may be used to get the Blasphemous Blade. To get the Remembrance of the Blasphemous, you must travel to Mt.Gelmir. Then proceed to Volcano Manor, where you will find Lady Tanith, an NPC who may issue you a Quest. Talk to her and go through her dialogues until she gives you instructions and missions. She will give you a Drawing-Room Key after you have spoken with her. This will aid you in opening up the Drawing-Room if possible for you to to discuss to extra NPCs.

There will very likely be a letter from Volcano Manor in the Drawing-Room and on the Table. Pick it up and talk to each of the NPCs present. Now, on the map, there should be a little Red Marker that says Volcano Manor Request: Istvan in Stormhill’s North. When you go there, you’ll see some Red textual stuff, such as Ruins, at the bottom. If you examine them, you will be transferred to Istvan’s World. You must fight him there, then return to Volcano Manor and speak with Lady Tanith and the other two NPCs if they are present.

Make certain to exhaust their dialogues as they may reward you with some good Items. You should repeat the identical course of for Rileigh in Altus Plateau & Juno Hoslow in Mountaintops of the Giants. Finally, head again to Lady Tanith and communicate to her. In this dialogshe is going to ask you to meet her Lord. The reply for that’s Yes. After which you can be teleported to a Cave where Rykard, Lord Of Blasphemy resides.

Getting the Blasphemous Blade in Elden Ring

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This will most likely be a major Boss battle, so make sure to gather your friends because it will be difficult to defeat. You will obtain the Remembrance of the Blasphemous after slaying Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy. Return to Lady Tanith and talk with her once more. Then go to the Roundtable Hold. Enia, the Finger Reader, can be found in one of the several Rooms over there. Interacting with her will present you with various options, one of which will most likely be Receive energy from recollection.

When you click it, you will be offered the option of either receiving the Blasphemous Blade or Rykard’s Rancor. Purchase the Blasphemous Blade. That is how you will obtain the Blasphemous Blade in Elden Ring. You may now easily deal with adversaries with the help of this Greatsword. This is due to the Blade’s Skill, which steals life, or in this case, health factors, from enemies and replenishes yours. You will be able to raise it by upgrading it using Somber Smithing Stones.