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Elden Ring

Elden Ring players are looking for a technique to harvest Runes in order to gain XP and advance quickly. The more you improve your numbers, the higher your stage will rise, making you stronger. And being tough is really important in this game since only then will you be capable of giving proper fights to the bosses. So, in this tutorial, we’ll quickly test the finest farming approach for quickly obtaining runes for XP in Elden Ring for both the early and late game.

Elden Ring Rune Farming Guide for XP

Slaying the dragon outside Fort Farroh’s is the best way to Farm Runes in Elden Ring. This approach was shared on YouTube by RageGamingVideos. It implies that every time you use the site of grace, you will receive 100K runes. Before we go into the specific farming method, you’ll need a bleed weapon.

You can use the Reduvia dagger or apply the Ash of War: Bloody Slash on your current weapon. Finally, although it is not required, you must use a golden-pickled chicken foot. We’ll get to how to obtain them in a minute, but first let’s test the farming method.

  1. Fast Travel to Fort Farroh web site of grace.
  2. Equip your weapon that does bleed harm.
  3. Find the White dragon laying outdoors.
  4. Start attacking it until its well being is close to the top.
  5. Consume the golden-pickled fowl foot to spice up the runes you get.
  6. Now deal the ending blow. In case you don’t have the above merchandise you possibly can immediately deal the ultimate blow simply the runes you get received’t be as a lot.
  7. After defeating it you need to get greater than sufficient runes. Go to any web site of rune and stage up your character.

How to Get Bleed weapons & Golden-pickled fowl foot

Bleed Weapons

  • You can get the Reduvia Dagger by eliminating the Bloody Finger Nerijus NPC. You can discover this invader NPC close to Murkwater Catacombs.
  • As for the Ash of War: Bloody slash you may get it by defeating the knight at Fort Haight. Fort Haight is situated in Limgrave.

Golden-pickled fowl foot: You can craft this merchandise in case you have the next substances.

  • Missionary’s Cookbook [2]
  • Gold Firefly: 1
  • Four-Toed Fowl Foot: 1
  • Rowa Fruit: 3