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The Prophet is one of several classes accessible to players when they first join Elden Ring, and using the optimal build for this class might aid you grow much more quickly. Using the right spells and tools can help you create a powerful but environmentally responsible edifice. However, if you are new to the game, the notion of creating a construct might be a little intimidating. We recognise this, which is why we’ve provided you with a simple tutorial. Here, we’ll show you all you need to know to create the greatest Prophet class build with the Dragon Priest.

Elden Ring Best Prophet Class Build – Dragon Priest Build


Spells for the Elden Ring Prophet Class Build

To begin with this Dragon Priest Prophet class build in Elden Ring, we recommend starting with the Catch Flame and Dragonfire spells. To get the Dragonfire magic, you must first defeat a Flying Dragon in order to obtain a Dragon Heart. Once you’ve obtained the centre, proceed to the Church of Dragon Communion and substitute it for the spell. Check out our article on How to Get Dragon Hearts and Powers in Elden Ring if you’re new to the realm of Dragon Hearts.

Weapons & Equipment

When it comes to weaponry, this build doesn’t have many options. We recommend that you get the Finger Seal as one of your first weapons. Once you’ve accomplished this, you can raise it to +3. To do so, you must obtain the stones from the trolls on the hill. These trolls will crush the stones, granting you Smithing Stones. This will help to accelerate the upgrading procedure.

A good different or companion to the Finger Seal is the Dragon Communion Seal. This explicit seal buffs Dragon Communion Spells. This helps strengthen the incantations you be taught from Dragon Communion will get strengthened additional.