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Elden Ring

The Astrologer is likely one of the many classes available to players in Elden Ring, and having the best build for this class will greatly improve your chances of succeeding in the game. However, for many players, the concept of finding the right build may seem quite strange. After all, considering the attention you may want to pay to statistics, traits, spells, and other factors, builds may be rather complex. If you’re one of the many players that find building challenging, we’ve got just the instruction for you. Here, we’ll go over everything you need to know to acquire the proper Mage build for the Astrologer class.

Elden Ring Best Astrologer Class Build – Mage


Spells for the Elden Ring Mage Build for Astrologer Class

For this specific construct, we suggest you go along with Glintstone Pebble. This spell doesn’t value a lot, and it additionally offers in respectable sufficient harm to suffice the construct.

You may also try using the Glintblade Phalanx if you like. However, because such spells may be draining on your mana, we recommend you use the Ashes of Warstone Glintblade Phalanx and apply it to your melee weapon. When in battle, you should employ the ashes as a substitute to the spell. This will help ensure that you maintain your mana efficacy while also avoiding potential injury.

Stats & Attributes

Moving on to statistics and characteristics, we recommend that you make your bet on Intelligence. You must also deal with Endurance, as spellcasting has a propensity to deplete your stamina quite quickly. Improve Vigor once you’ve completed these traits. This may help you avoid one-shot attacks. You should also strengthen Mind, since it will grant you the ability to cast more spells.


Before you do anything, we recommend that you obtain a larger workforce. The Demi-God Staff and the Meteorite Staff are both respectable worker options. These are excellent staffs to employ early in the game. The Meteorite Staff, on the other hand, cannot be improved.