Elden Ring
Elden Ring

Elden Ring includes a profusion of different types of equipment for players to use in order to defeat their adversaries. From launching cannonballs with Ballista to casting spells using a variety of incantations and sorceries. But do you know what’s the greatest throughout a prolonged close-range fight? Daggers! With quick attacks, these tiny babies may cause severe critical injuries. It is best suited for sneaking up on and cheesing opponents. So, here’s our guide to the best daggers and where to get them in Elden Ring.

Best Daggers in Elden Ring


best daggers in elden ring
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This is a dagger with the Quickstep weapon ability as its default weapon. It has an FP value of three and may cause the Hemorrhage or Blood loss standing to build up. The Wakizashi knife provides Strength and Dexterity. It may be found within one of Gaol Cave’s numerous sealed jails. However, you may need to first unlock the jails.

What I enjoyed about about this knife was its excellent weapon capability. It allows you to switch to protection and avoid the adversaries’ incoming damage. As you return, look for a space to pierce and slice your adversaries. It is without a doubt one of the most effective daggers for cheeseing your opponents. While it cannot be energy stanced with other daggers, it may be energy stanced with katanas.

Black Knife

It is a dagger with the characteristics Faith and Dexterity. It has an FP value of 25 and also inflicts Holy damage. The Blade of Death is a new weapon ability for Black Knife. This ability fires a projectile towards the targeted opponents from a medium range. And this missile does holy harm. By defeating the Black Knife Assasin at the entrance to Sainted Hero’s tomb, you can find the Black Knife dagger. At Altus Plateau, it is located to the west of the Rampartside Path. It cannot be increased with consumables or spells. To spice up its hurt, utilise the Holy Shrouding Cracked tear and Sacred Scorpion appeal.


cinquedea best daggers elden ring
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Cinquedea is a dagger with a lot of energy and dexterity. Its default ability is Quickstep, and it may inflict the Madness standing build-up on adversaries. It has an FP value of three. This dagger may be found on the rear of the Bestial Sanctum in Greyroll’s Dragonbarrow. It’ll most likely be near the statue of a broken rat on the outside of the building. Cinquedea can boost the damage of geared up Bestial Incantations by 10%. You can also enhance it by using the Somber Smithing Stones.


As the title implies, this dagger is typically used as a signal indicating distress in the face of adversaries. The Misericorde dagger has the lowest critical injury rate of any dagger. Quickstep is its default weapon ability. It has the characteristics of Strength and Dexterity. Head over to Stormveil Castle to find this dagger. It may be found near a corpse in the large armoury chamber. You may enhance it by using Smithing Stones. In addition, you can use Ashes of War to enhance this dagger.

Bloodstained Dagger

While most players consider daggers to be just for stealth, this dagger only provides Strength qualities. You can energy stance it with various daggers to do outrageous damage. This dagger might cause the Blood Loss or Hermorhheage stats to increase. However, because it is a rare drop, obtaining this dagger might be difficult. The Bloodstained dagger may be obtained by defeating one of the several Demi-human Chieftans. Smithing Stones may be used to upgrade this dagger, and Ashes of War can be applied for further bonuses.