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Elden Ring

The Confessor class is one of the playable classes in Elden Ring, and having the proper build for it might help you improve your gameplay experience. However, for many players, the concept of obtaining the correct build may be extremely strange. After all, builds can be challenging if you don’t pay attention to statistical data, qualities, spells, and other factors. If you’re one of many players that find building difficult, we’ve got just the instruction for you. Here, we’ll go over everything you need to know to acquire one of the greatest Paladin constructs for the Confessor class.

Elden Ring Best Confessor Class Build Guide – Paladin



We advocate you place your attention to the Strength and Mind attributes for this Confessor class construct in Elden Ring. Moving additional, you may as well make investments a while in enhancing Dexterity and Faith. Also, bear in mind to concentrate to Endurance, an attribute you’ll positively end up in want of as you progress within the game.

Starting Gear

Coming to gear for this Elden Ring Confessor Class Paladin construct, we advocate you head over to Gatefront Ruins. Here, you may purchase the Brass Shield from enemy drops. These shields are simple to accumulate, as there may be an abundance of enemies all through this space.

Moving on, as you continue through the game, you will have access to the Roundtable Hold. You may get Incantations via the distributors here. You can choose the incantations for your option here. These are entirely dependent on what you want to do with this architecture. Your Strength and Dexterity characteristics will allow you to quickly amass a fine arsenal of weapons while you explore Elden Ring. You may play with with various weapons and find what works best for you.