Elden Ring
Elden Ring

While the Elden Ring has the option of powerstancing, Claws are one of several weapons that may be wielded in pairs by default. It is basically a weapon with Dexterity and Energy qualities. If you’ve played Souls, you’re well aware of their harsh pressure. But how effective are these weapons in the Lands Between? Yes! Because their claws are substantially lighter, they allow excellent mobility. So, here’s our guide to the greatest claws and where to get them in Elden Ring.

Best Claws in Elden Ring

Mentioned beneath are one of the best claws and their places:

Hook Claws

These claws have the highest Dex scaling of any Claw. Hook Claws have Quickstep as their default weapon talent. This ability allows you to avoid incoming damage by looking for a gap. This weapon can be found on Stormveil Castle. Speak with the Gatekeeper Gostoc to get access to a hidden entryway. On the first tier of the wine cellar, you’ll find the Hook claws beside a corpse.

It has the potential to activate the Hemorrhage or Blood Loss standing accumulation. The Smithing Stones can be used to enhance these claws. It costs three Focus points (FP), and you can use a variety of Ashes of War on it. You may also enhance its damage by using other consumables and spells.

Bloodhound Claws

best claws elden ring
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Bloodhound Claws, like other Claws, take care of Dexterity characteristics. However, it causes the most physical harm of all. It has the default skill of Bloodhound’s step, which is much faster than Quickstep. After fighting the Bloodhound Knight, you can find these Claws in the Volcano Manor basement. It causes the Hemorrhage standing accumulation to be triggered. Bloodhound Claws also gives 40% damage reduction when blocking the targeted adversary.

Venomous Fang

These Claws set off the Poison standing build-up towards your enemies. It has a default talent of Quickstep and consumes 3 FP. You can discover Venomous Fang on the Abandoned Cave in Caelid behind a Giant Poison flower. Go by a pile of lifeless Abductor Virgins to seek out them. You can improve these claws utilizing Smithing Stones. In addition to that, you too can increase their harm with consumables and magic.