Elden Ring
Elden Ring

Elden Ring contains a large selection of Weapons and Armor. The equipment, which includes the Best Weapons & Armor, will assist you in completing this game. Weapons are required, but armour is required in this game. So, in this guide, I’ll show you the Best Armor Sets and where to find them in Elden Ring.

Best Armor Sets & their Locations in Elden Ring

The Best Armor Sets in Elden Ring are as follows:

Sage Armor Set

The Sage Hood, Sage Robe, and Sage Trousers are included in this Armor Set. The Sage Armor Set in Elden ring is located in a tunnel on the Stillwater Cave Site of Lost Grace, the lake’s southernmost tip in Liurnia. Traveling into the cave, one can locate an offshoot tunnel that connects two Poison Sorcerers. If you follow it, you’ll end yourself in a chamber with a corpse that may be looted for the Sage Armor Set.

Finger Maiden Armor Set

This Armor Set consists of the Finger Maiden Fillet, Finger Maiden Robe, & Finger Maiden Shoes. Take a proper simply earlier than the Grand elevator, northeast most of Liurnia. Pass by way of the Frenzied Flame Village until you get to the Church of Inhibition. In the Church, one can find a Maiden. Loot her and you’ll get the Finger Maiden Armor Set. There might be a Fake invader on the Church so be ready.

Cleanrot Armor Set in Elden Ring

The Cleanrot Armor Set includes the Cleanrot Helm, Cleanrot Armor, Cleanrot Gauntlets, and Cleanrot Greaves. The Cleanrot Armor Set may be found in the Inner Aeonia Site of Lost Grace in Caelid. From Caelid Highway North, it’s east of Astray. Over here, you’ll have to farm an adversary a few times because it has a chance to drop every Armor piece from the Set. The opponent is dressed in armour that resembles Cleanrot Armor. Kill it a few times and you’ll obtain the Cleanrot Armor Set.

Carian Knight Armor Set

The Carian Knight Armor Set includes the Carian Knight Helm, Carian Knight Armor, Carian Knight Gauntlets, and Carian Knight Greaves. The Carian Knight Armor Set may be found in the Raya Lucaria Academy. A Water wheel elevator might be found in the Graveyard. There might be a ledge at the entryway. Walk on it and soar down, hug the proper facet, and stroll up the rough road till you come upon a Gravestone with zombies in front of it. You’ll acquire the Carian Knight Armor Set if you loot the Gravestone.

Raptor’s Black Feathers in Elden Ring

This Armor Set just consists of the Raptor’s Black Feathers, but you may complete the appearance by equipping the Skeletal Mask. The Armor Set may be found in the Altus Plateau region. It is located to the north of Lost Grace’s Abandon Coffin Site. It is slightly above Grace’s Ravine-Veiled Village Site. Travel north directly to the cliffside from the Grace. The entrance to the Sage’s Cave would be there. As you descend the Cave, you will come upon a Waterfall. There are two Chests near the Waterfall’s entrance that contain all of the Armor Set’s contents. Please keep in mind that there may be Illusion Walls, so check every nook and cranny.

Gelmir Knight Armor Set in Elden Ring

The Gelmir Knight Armor Set includes the Gelmir Knight Helm, Gelmir Knight Armor, Gelmir Knight Gauntlets, and Gelmir Knight Greaves. The Armor Site is near to the Lost Grace Abandon Coffin Site on Altus Plateau. From there, head northeast toward the Endtree-Gazing Hill Site of Lost Grace. Now, from the site, go north, up on the hills, to Wyndham Ruins. There may be a river on the west side of the Ruins; follow this river carefully in the direction of the left facet. You will arrive to Hermit Village. The Primeval Sorcerer Azur Site of Lost Grace is located behind this Village. Go north on top of a rock structure until you reach the Gelmir Heroes Grave Dungeon.

You’ll need to open the door and enter the Dungeon from here. There might be a lot of traps and attackers, so be careful. A route with lava on both sides may be found farther down the trail. There may be alcoves on the facet where you may take refuge from the Chariot Trap. Soar down as close to the wall as possible when you reach the fourth alcove. Get atop the Rafters and scout the globe from there. You will come upon a Window and fly into it. There may be a Ladder that falls, leading you to a Bloodhound Knight Boss. When you beat it, you will obtain the Bloodhound Knight Armor Set, and when you loot the Corpse behind it, you will obtain the Bloodhound Knight Armor Setyou’ll get the Gelmir Knight Armor Set.