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You may defeat Astel Naturalborn of the Void and Astel Stars of Darkness in Elden Ring. These are two very distinct optional bosses. They’re identical in terms of design and attacks, but what distinguishes them is their drops and how you get to them. These provide gamers with a lot of difficulty, therefore they’re well worth fighting for, particularly for their drops. So, let us see how to fight Astel Naturalborn of the Void and Astel Stars of Darkness in Elden Ring, as well as understand their cheese approach.

How to Defeat Astel in Elden Ring

elden ring how to defeat astel stars of darkness and cheese
Image Credit: Shirrako on YouTube

By striking Astel Naturalborn of the Void and Astel Stars of Darkness in the head, you can defeat them. As previously stated, there are two distinct bosses in the game; you may find Astel Naturalborn of the Void on the Lake of Rot. As for Astel Stars of Darkness, he may be found at the end of Yelough Anix Tunnel. Fortunately, both of these bosses use the same moves. So, if you can beat one, you shouldn’t have any trouble beating the other. Allow us to confirm their attacks in each step now.

Phase 1

  • Purple laser beams: When you begin the battle it’ll cost up a beam of laser and launch it at you. You can simply dodge it by rolling to both aspect. The greatest time to roll is simply when his cost is full.
  • Tailwhip: Astel will lash its tail at you in an try and swat or stomp you with it. This is a fairly straightforward move to dodge by rolling to both aspect. Alternatively, you received’t even should dodge it if you’re near Astel as this move does harm at medium to far vary.
  • Arc of Orbs: It will produce an orb in its arm and swipe at you abandoning an arc of orbs. All of those orbs which are left behind will explode after a couple of seconds.
  • Teleport assault: If you are too close to Astel, you will be harmed when it enters its teleport. Essentially, it will shrink into a purple vacuum and teleport. There are two strikes it might make from exactly here, which we’ll discuss later. However, one significant advantage is that you can predict where it will spawn. Look for a cluster of stars; this should help you forecast where it will spawn next.
    • Teleport away: It will teleport away and create distance between you and it. Next, it’ll begin doing purple laser beam assaults.
    • Fly up: After teleporting it’ll fly up and attempt to seize you.
  • Pincer bites: It will attempt to chew you a number of occasions utilizing its pincers. You can roll to dodge this assault or you may as well block it.
  • Charged Pincer chew: It will cost its pincers earlier than attacking you, you may see purple lightning type round them. Once the cost is full it’ll chew you as soon as, this assault will deal quite a lot of harm.
  • Orbs Stomp: This is one other harmful assault. You can see it gather a number of orbs in its hand, round three or 4 orbs. Next, it’ll stomp these orbs on the bottom. This will launch three blasts of rings from the bottom you may dodge them by rolling. You also can strive leaping to dodge them.
  • Electric smack: It will cost it by putting all of its fingers on the bottom. This will cause winds to rise from the ground, as well as some purple electricity expenses. If you are inside the range of the attack, you will be propelled into the air as well. It will then slam you down. This attack deals a lot of damage and may potentially one-shot you. The best approach to avoid this attack is to start running or rolling away from it. The main disadvantage right now is that this assault spans a large range, therefore you’ll have to be extremely quick to notice this assault in order to flee from it.

Once you convey half its health down you will notice it teleport away to do its subsequent assault. After 50% of its HP is gone, part 2 will start.

Phase 2

  • Meteor Strike: It will clad its hand in some black mist and lift it to the sky. It will lighten the sky and trigger many meteors to spawn, these will begin to come crashing on you. You can dodge this assault by operating to both aspect. Just don’t change the aspect mid-run or try and do a roll as you will get caught within the assault.

Other than the above assault he’ll use most of his strikes from part 1.

General tricks to Beat Astel in Elden Ring

  • His assaults are sluggish however deal quite a lot of harm. So it’s best for those who be taught all its strikes in your preliminary tries after which begin chipping its health away.
  • You also can assault it at its limbs. While that is type of counterproductive however for those who really feel its limbs are simpler to assault then go for it. Although it’s nonetheless really useful you focus all of your assaults on its head.
  • Try staying near it throughout the entire battle. Most of his assaults have an enormous vary and these ranged assaults additionally deal large harm for those who get caught by them. The main melee assaults you will have to look out for are, fly & seize and Electric smack.

How to Cheese Astel in Elden Ring

how to beat astel naturalborn of the void in elden ring and cheese
Image Credit: Corey Lucas

Not to suggest that mages have it easy in Elden Ring, but if you’re of that class, you should have no trouble defeating Astel. By spamming the Rock Sling Sorcery at Astel Naturalborn of the Void and Astel Stars of Darkness, you may cheese them. This cheese process may be as simple as that. Maintain a medium distance from it to prevent it from using distant attacks. Lock its head as your aim while spamming this technique, and this battle will be over in no time. Thanks to Corey Lucas on YouTube for sharing this cheese technique.