Souls collection dataminer Sekiro Dubi not too long ago discovered proof of an alternate beginning location in Elden Ring. After your “purported to lose” battle with a Grafted Scion within the Chapel of Anticipation, you’ll have washed ashore on a seaside in Limgrave as an alternative of waking up underground.

It is a beginning sequence FromSoft has delighted in over time: hand around in a cool space, get stomped by a boss, return to mentioned boss and funky space after 15+ hours of gameplay. After the Grafted Scion teaches you a lesson in humility (otherwise you beat it like a professional and die anyway), Elden Ring sees you waking up in its tutorial dungeon, the Stranded Graveyard.

It is a bit of a non sequitur, dying on a cliffside island and waking up in an inland cave. I discovered it paying homage to Darkish Souls 2’s notorious Earthen Peak elevator, and chalked it up as one other instance of that game’s affect on Elden Ring.

Sekiro Dubi, nonetheless, discovered this alternate beginning location that is much less surreal. There is a mismatch of ID between the cutscene of Melina and Torrent first discovering your character, and the realm it performs out in, which led the dataminer to find the change. At one level in improvement, you had been truly purported to get up on the western shore of Limgrave close to the Seaside Ruins and to the southeast of the Stranded Graveyard. A close-by cave entrance would function a again manner into the tutorial dungeon.

Now, the beachside wakeup makes extra logical sense: you fall from the Chapel of Anticipation’s cliffs into the ocean and your physique washes up on the shore, but it surely’s positively obvious to me why FromSoft modified it. Gamers already had sufficient hassle realizing there even was a tutorial sequence within the Stranded Graveyard, and that was a closed-in, forking path. Beginning folks off right within the open world would have had much more first timers scratching their heads.

Moreover, ruikfarimus within the video feedback factors out how efficient and iconic a second it’s to emerge from the Stranded Graveyard onto the First Step and see Limgrave stretch out earlier than you⁠—that “wow” issue would have been diluted if gamers might simply instantly run off in the wrong way. In addition to, FromSoft’s entire factor is being surreal and ineffable. When one thing would not make logical sense, you simply gotta roll with it⁠. Although, that’s the perspective that led us all to consider {that a} handful of borked questlines at Elden Ring’s launch had been all working as supposed.