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Elden Ring

We’ve got just the guidance for those who aren’t familiar with Alexander or the difficulty with the pot guy encountering himself in such circumstances. We’ll teach you how to get Alexander unstuck in Elden Ring for the second time.

How to Get Alexander Unstuck the Second Time in Elden Ring?

To get Iron Fist Alexander unstuck the second time in Elden Ring, you must head to his location close to Artist’s Shack. You must go right here when you beat Starscourge Rahdan, after finishing the event arc.


After arriving at the specified area, you must create an Oil Pot on the Sofia Well. Once you’ve arrived, exit the hut and make your way up the scaffolding. Drop down from here and follow the picket platform trail until you reach a cave-like structure. Once here, proceed past the waterfall and make your way to the point. A merchant can be found here. The dealer will present you with two ebook options. Purchase the more expensive one to acquire the Oil Pot recipe. Make an oil pot and return to Alexander to help him escape out of Elden Ring.


You must hurl the pot at Alexander one more at his location. Then, employ a large weapon and assault. After that, use the weapon to hit Alexander and liberate him. Once you’ve liberated, Alexander will express his thanks and gift you with Exalted Flesh. That’s all you need to know about this process at Elden Ring. As you may see, releasing Alexander is not particularly sophisticated. However, prepare yourself to do it more than once.