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Ranking the strongest bosses in Elden Ring by difficulty is no easy task. You may encounter a plethora of bosses in this game. Some may be easy peasy lemon squeezy, while others could be controller crushingly strong. But after you’ve defeated them, you’ll agree that the war was worthwhile. So, without further ado, let us quickly go over this list of the toughest bosses Elden Ring has to offer, ranked by difficulty.

Elden Ring Hardest Bosses Ranked by Difficulty

elden ring hardest bosses list ranked by difficulty

Below are the highest 5 hardest bosses regardless of if they’re fundamental or elective which you can face on this game.

5. Fire Giant

fire giant

As the title says, he is a massive with a variety of hearth attacks in his armoury. This boss has two stages, and the strikes are dramatically different in each. The battle will be difficult because this is one of the bosses that has slow attacks that deliver a lot of damage. You may be wondering, if he’s sluggish, then great you can just avoid the onslaught. While this is correct, the problem is that virtually all of his hits cover a large area. So, if you’re not quick enough to avoid his attacks, you’ll get caught.

4. Morgott, the Omen King

morgott the omen king elden ring bosses ranked by difficulty

Morgott, like Fire Giant, has two stages in a single health bar. If that was of assistance to you, enjoy it while it lasts. Morgott employs attacks that deliver holy harm, therefore evading is your only option unless you have a protect that can withstand it. Not to mention the attack range of nearly all of his blows and slashes covers a lot of ground. And, as if that wasn’t enough, he’s also exceedingly fast. So be prepared to die a lot, especially from the golden shower of swords when facing this boss.

3. Radagon of the Golden Order & Elden Beast

radagon of the golden order and elden beast hardest bosses in elden ring

Elden Beast isn’t joking. He’s another lethargic boss who does a lot of damage. And this beast will make you understand why it is the ultimate boss. Too close and spamming melee attacks? It’s going to teleport away. Too far away and spamming sorcery? It will, however, breathe holy hearth at you. Trying to take it on from a medium distance? He possesses plenty of slashes, strikes, and melee attacks to take care of you. And if you bring down half of its health, you will notice more strikes than you were expecting. This battle tests not just your endurance but also how you manage your health. Being the tip boss is unquestionably valuable.

2. Godfrey, the First Elden Lord & Horrah Loux Warrior – Elden Ring Hardest Bosses List

godfrey first elden lord and horrah loux warrior

While Radagon and Elden Beast may be tough, Godfrey is just tougher. This boss is divided into two types: the First Elden Lord and the Horrah Loux Warrior. The best aspect of this bout is that his fighting style changes drastically between fights. During his initial form, he employs an axe, which deals a lot of damage and covers a wide range.

In his Horrah Loux form, he completely abandons all weapons and battles with his hands. And, as brutal as that motion is, it is truly unpleasant for the participant to deal with. Not only are his attacks rapid and powerful, but if you aren’t properly levelled up, they will almost surely one-shot you. When fighting Horrah Loux, expect to get tossed and hit a lot.

1. Malenia, Blade of Miquella & Goddess of Rot – Elden Ring Bosses Ranked by Difficulty List

malenia blade of miquella and goddess of rot

This is one of the finest battles not only in Elden Ring, but in the whole FROMSOFTWARE series. Let’s talk about her first form Blade of Miquella. The quickest and most dangerous sort of boss in the game. You’ll probably be relieved she doesn’t have holy damage imbued in her sword. The main thing to keep an eye out for is her flurry of slashes.

While things do become a little easier in the second phase if you can take advantage of one of her blows. She makes up for it by assaulting you with attacks that also create crimson rot. And don’t forget that she will also get life-steal if she strikes you or your shield. As there may be little to no space for relaxing, it’s either kill or be killed.