How to Make Your Own Robot in Genshin Impact (Core of the Apparatus Event)
Image via miHoYo

I think one of the things I like about Genshin Impact is its anachronistic stylings. It’s not easy to make a world of swords and sorcery that still feels like it could conceivably contain things like automatons, at least not without making you roll your eyes, but Genshin has pulled it off and then some. Speaking of automatons, how would you like one of your very own? Here’s how to make your own robot in Genshin Impact’s Core of the Apparatus event.

For this event, your aid has been enlisted by a toy maker visiting from Fontaine. He’s got a fancy doodad that can create little toy robots when provided with the correct materials. He’s willing to toss a few test products your way, but you’ll need to go through a quick chore list to make them.

To make a robot, you need to do three things:

  • Collect materials
  • Charge with Elements
  • Activate the core

Collect Materials

First, you’ll need to collect some assorted junk that you can toss into the machine. It’ll tell you what you actually need to get, but usually, it’ll be along the lines of ores, fruits, flowers, and other fairly easily-obtained items. Make sure to equip the special Material Collector gadget you’ll receive for the event.

Charge with Elements

Next, you’ll need to charge the device with specified elements. You’ll get a request for a particular element, be it Hydro, Pyro, Geo, and so on, and will need to apply them to yourself while you have the Material Collector equipped. You can do this with abilities or environmental interactions.

Activate the Core

Finally, it’s time to fuel up the device. With the Material Collector equipped, defeat groups of the specified enemies to obtain portions of Core Propulsion. You’ll need to do this a few times to build up enough power.

Once all three steps are complete, go to the machine in the Product Creation menu and hit the craft button. You’ll receive a Redemption Voucher, which you can use to receive one robot. These little robots can be placed as decorations in your Serenite Pot.

How to Make Your Own Robot in Genshin Impact (Core of the Apparatus Event)
Image via miHoYo

The robots come in lots of different variations, each with different colors and animations. Unfortunately, the voucher you get from running the machine is randomized, and you can only get up to four of them. Luckily, if there’s a particular robot you want, you can request a trade for its particular voucher from other players.

No matter which robot you get, if you successfully complete the event by crafting at least one, you’ll also receive the event’s rewards. These include:

  • Primogems
  • Mystic Enhancement Ore
  • Mora
  • Weapon Ascencion Materials
  • Character EXP Materials

You get a cute little robot for your house and a bunch of handy resources! Really, it’s a win-win situation.