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How to Upgrade Watering Can in Stardew Valley


How to Upgrade Watering Can in Stardew Valley

On: July 21, 2023

Looking to be an A+ farmer? Well, there are some tools for the job. While upgrading these basic farm tools, like the hoe and watering can, might not seem very exciting, it’s crucial that you do so. Every upgrade provides extra chance to save energy and vastly increase your farm. If you’re desperate to improve your farm, then your little metal can is a great place to start! This guide will explain how to upgrade this basic farm tool so you can expand your farm more easily.

How to Upgrade Watering Can

To upgrade your Watering Can, you need to go to the Blacksmith. With the can in your inventory, head to Clint with some bars of the next upgrade of metal and a lot of gold. You’ll leave the can with Clint for two nights and then you can pick it up that day.

This tool is a Clint specialty! You’ll be heading to the blacksmith to do each and every one of your can upgrades. He does take a while to complete them, though. You have to make sure to bring your Can to the building itself. Otherwise, Clint won’t have anything to improve. You’ll lose your Can for those two days, so be careful and plan accordingly.

Upgrading your Watering Can grants two bonuses. First, it improves the amount of water it can hold. Second, it improves the Charge quality of the can. The Charge quality is, when you’re about to water a surface, you can hold down the interact button used. Doing this improves the number of squares in front of you that get watered. This makes it a great tool to upgrade, though not exactly a priority.

Each upgrade has the following water capacity and areas of effect:

  • Default Watering Can: 40 Capacity, no Charge
  • Copper Can: 55 Capacity, 3 Line Charge
  • Steel Can: 70 Capacity, 5 Line Charge
  • Gold Can: 85 Capacity, 3×3 Rectangle Charge
  • Iridium Can: 100 Capacity, 6×3 Rectangle Charge

Each upgrade does take several thousand gold, so make sure to budget accordingly. The last upgrade, the Iridium Watering Can, costs 25,000g. Thankfully, by the time you reach the late-game, this won’t blow a huge hole in your budget.

Upgrade Requirements

The following is the upgrade requirement for each level of Watering Can.

  • Default Can -> Copper Can: 2,000g and 5 Copper Bars.
  • Copper Can -> Steel Can: 5,000g and 5 Iron Bars.
  • Steel Can -> Gold Can: 10,000g and 5 Gold Bars.
  • Gold Can -> Iridium Can: 25,000g and 5 Iridium Bars.

No matter the level of upgrade, you will have to bring the lower level can to Clint. You can’t skip a tier with a higher level material! Each of them takes the standard 2 nights.

Expert Tip

If Clint refuses to upgrade your Watering Can, make sure you have the materials in your inventory. That means you must have the gold for payment, Bars for the coat, and a watering can that proceeds the next upgrade in your inventory.

How to Use Watering Can

To use a watering can, you must have it equipped and it must be filled with water at a source. On days where it doesn’t rain, crops can be watered with Left Click, Y, or tapping the tile you want watered. To use an upgraded can’s Charge feature, hold down that interact button (dragging to the length wanted on mobile) until your character is shivering.

Crops must be watered on any day that it doesn’t rain. Until you can set up Sprinklers, the Can is your best friend. However, for it to be useful, you must fill it in water, such as lakes, rivers, fishing ponds, or your kitchen sink.

Watering does cost energy, so you’ll need to keep that in mind. After a day of hoeing, you might be low on energy. As you improve your Farming Level, your proficiency with the Can improves as well, reducing the energy cost of charging or watering in general.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best time to upgrade watering can?

It’s best to upgrade your Watering Can on the 27th day of the season, or during the winter. Crops die during season changes, and the very few crops that grow during the winter (outside of Ginger Island) don’t need to be watered.

Which watering can upgrade is best?

As of Patch 1.5, the Iridium Watering Can is the final upgrade for the tool.

What happens if I lose my watering can?

Lost tools, including the Watering Can, can show up in your Mailbox, the Mayor’s Lost & Found, or in other storage places. Your refrigerator, for example, is a common place for it to reappear if it doesn’t show up in the Lost & Found.