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How to Get the Edgehawk Lightsaber in Jedi: Survivor


How to Get the Edgehawk Lightsaber in Jedi: Survivor

On: May 9, 2023

One of the most exciting new features of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is the ability to customize your lightsaber. After all, each of the galaxy’s most formidable Jedi has a distinctive lightsaber, from Darth Maul’s double-bladed lightsaber to Ky Lo Ren’s cross-guard design and even Mace Windu’s iconic purple lightsaber. That’s why we think it’s about time Cal Kestis has one too and the Edgehawk Lightsaber is a great pick. So, if this lightsaber variant is in your galactic shopping cart, read on to learn how to get it.

The Edgehawk Lightsaber can be also be as a cross-guard or double-sided lightsaber.

You need four components to craft the Edgehawk Lightsaber in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, the Edgehawk Switch, Emitter, Grip, and Pommel. The first three components are found in the Water Treatment Works, located on the southern edge of the map, on planet Koboh.

However, there is a catch. You need to have the Force Dash, Slam, and Lift abilities to access this areas and retrieve all three components.

Once you have them, you can use the Lift and Slam ability to open the ground vault entrance to Water Treatment Works and traverse down into the facility. So, if you need to get those abilities first, we’ve got you covered with how, just below. But, if you already have them, continue on to find out where you can locate each component for the Edgehawk Lightsaber in the facility.

Where to Find Edgehawk Lightsaber Components

Edgehawk Switch

Image Credit: Dot Esports.

The first component you can grab for the Edgehawk Lightsaber is the Switch. Right as you jump down into the Water Treatment Works underground sewers, take your first right into the tunnels, and then your next right after that. At the end of this tunnel will be a crate with the Edgehawk Switch in it.

Edgehawk Emitter

Image Credit: Dot Esports.

Next up is the Emitter for the Edgehawk Lightsaber. Head back to the beginning entrance where you first entered, then procced forward and take the tunnel on your left. You’ll come across a room with two platforms, and you’ll need to perform a wall run to reach the higher-level platform on the other side.

Now on the higher level paltform, you should another platform across from you with a chest on it. To reach it, you need to perform a double jump and then use your Dash ability. Now just grap the Emitter from the chest and you’ll have half of the components for the Edgehawk Lightsaber.

Edgehawk Grip

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The last component in the Water Treament Works facility for the Edgehawk Lightsaber is the Grip. In the same room, head back to the first paltform that you jumped across. There is a tunnel to the right of it and you’ll want to make your way all the way down it. Right at the end of the tunnel is a chest with the Edgehawk Grip in it.

Don’t leave the tunnel just yet. You should see another path to the right, if you go down it you’ll come across a chest that unlocks a new color option for the Edgehawk Lightsaber attachments. So, might as well grab it while you’re there.

Edgehawk Pommel

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The last component for the Edgehawk Lightsaber is the Pommel, and sadly it’s not in the Water Treatment Works facility. The good news is that is on Koboh, just at the Rambler’s Reach Outpost. Once at the outpost, head to the Pyloon’s Saloon (This is next to Doma’s Shop where you can use the Mysterious Keycode).

Climb on top of the tower in front of the Saloon, and once on top, look around and you’ll see a cliff area across from you. Use your jump and Dash ability to reach. Now that you’re atop the cliff, make your way around to the back, where the higher cliff overhangs and forms a cave. You’ll find a locked barrel here, which you can open with your Force Lift and Slam Ability. And can you guess what’s inside? The Pommel for the Edgehawk Lightsaber, which completes the set.

How to Get Force Dash, Slam, and Lift Abilities

These are three essential abilities every Jedi must have.

There are two main quests you need to complete to acquire all three abilities. First, you need to complete, reach Reach the Pilgrim Sanctuary main story mission on Jedha which will reward you with the Dash ability. Then afterwards, you need to complete the Rescue Zee from the Lucrehulk story quest to unlock the Slam and Lift abilities.

Once you’ve compelted both of these missions and got all three abilites, you can open the lid to the Water Treatment plant on Koboh and acquire three off the four components needed for the Edgehawk Lightsaber.

Where To Buy Lightsaber Parts in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor?

You can buy some Lightsaber parts from Sister Taske’s shop inside Cere’s Base on Jedha. However, other Lightsaber variants and there parts, such as the Hunter and Edgehawk Lightsaber, need to be found in chest in the games open world.

What Abilities Do You Need For The Edgehawk Lightsaber?

You need the Force Dash, Slam, and Lift abilities in order to get all of the components for the Edgehawk Lightsaber.

How Do You Change Your LightSaber Color in Jedi Survivor?

To change your Lightsaber color, head to your workbench and select the Lightsaber option. From here, navigate to the “blade” tab and you can freely choose from the nine lightsaber color options.

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