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How to Get and Use Hardwood in Stardew Valley


How to Get and Use Hardwood in Stardew Valley

On: July 19, 2023

There are several extremely important resources in Stardew Valley that players need to find and utilize. Arguably one of the most important resources is Hardwood, which has loads of notable uses. This includes the ability to build Totems for fast traveling purposes, upgrade your farm, build a stable, and more.

Chopping down specific trees is one thing to consider when it comes to superior wood. Locating it is another matter at hand that we’ll be going over. Here’s everything you need to know about the Hardwood, from searching through the correct areas to familiarizing yourself with its recipes.

Where to Get Hardwood

You can obtain Hardwood by chopping away Mahogany Trees, Large Stumps, and Logs with certain axes, along with other notable locations. By wielding an axe, chopping down a Mahogany Tree will provide you with pieces of the resource. For the Large Stumps, a Copper Axe is required; Large Logs need a Steel Axe. Each approach can be accomplished with an axe of higher quality.

Hardwood can, on rare occasions, drop from barrels and boxes in the Mines. This is all a matter of preparation as you delve deeper into deeper Mine levels, collecting loot and slaying monsters. Compared to the Mines, floors 41-69 of the Dangerous Mines will contain the resource in question. Alternatively, Robin can give you 25 during the Feast of the Winter Star.

If you’re hosting Fish Ponds at your farm, upkeeping some Woodskip will possibly produce five superior wood when the population attains to six fish. This route might take a while to process, if time is a factor for you.

Further, normal trees do have a chance of dropping Hardwood, but only if you have the Lumberjack Profession. However, these options pale in comparison to where you can get this type of wood each day with little hassle.

If you want to know exactly where to get the sturdy wood in Stardew Valley, then the best place to search is the Secret Forest. After making your way to the Secret Forest, you will need to chop Large Stumps (with a Copper Axe or better) and old Logs (with a Steel Axe or better). The Large Stumps give you two, while an old one gives you eight.

How to Use Hardwood

Hardwood sells for 15g, but that’s definitely not what you want to use it for. Instead, what this strong resource is used for in Stardew Valley includes crafting a variety of significantly important structures and items. Check out the provided list of what the resource can be used for below:

  • Tailoring a specific shirt with the Sewing Machine
  • Construction Bundle in the Crafts Room (10 required)
  • Several fish pond quests
  • The Robin’s Request quest during the Winter season (10 required)
  • The Robin’s Project special order (80 required)
  • The Stable, allowing you to ride and keep a horse (100 required with Iron Bar x5 and 10,000g)
  • Farmhouse Upgrade 2, which among other things allows you to have children (150 required and 50,000g)
  • Fast Travel Totems 
  • Rain Totems (Increase the chances of rain the next day – 1 required) 

Warp Totem Recipes

The fast travel totems, or Warp Totems, come in the Beach, Desert, Farm, Island, and Mountains variations. A higher level of Foraging is necessary here, along with a few more ingredients to complete the structure.

These warping items are quite handy if you’re looking to get from certain one spot to the next within an instant. The following list provides the recipes for the aforementioned Totems in the Hardwood spectrum:

  • Beach Warp Totem – Hardwood (x1), Coral (x2), Fiber (x10) after attaining Foraging level 6.
  • Desert Warp Totem – Hardwood (x2), Coconut (x1), Iridium Ore (x4); recipe available via Desert Trader.
  • Farm Warp Totem – Hardwood (x2), Honey (x1), Fiber (x20) after attaining Foraging level 8.
  • Island Warp Totem – Hardwood (x5), Dragon Tooth (x1), Ginger (x1); recipe available at the Volcano Shop.
  • Mountains Warp Totem – Hardwood (x1), Iron Bar (x1) Stone (x25) after attaining Foraging level 7.
  • Rain Totem – Hardwood (x1), Truffle Oil (x1), Pine Tar (x5) after attaining Foraging level 9.

In addition to the above-listed warping structures, you can also assemble the Cheese Press, a Cork Bobber, the related Fence variant, an Ostrich Incubator, and other useful recipes. Higher Farming and Fishing levels are required for some of these, so keep this in mind as you accumulate the item in question for your crafting necessities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find a lot of Hardwood?

The Secret Woods will provide the superior wood on a daily basis, so long as you chop away the appropriate trees with the right axes.

How do you plant Hardwood?

Players can chop down their grown Mahogany Trees with an axe to potentially receive 8-13 pieces.

What machine turns Hardwood into regular Wood?

Players can use the Wood Chipper to slice the superior wood into pieces of standard Wood, Maple Syrup, Oak Resin, and Pine Tar.