Leave no stone unturned in this perilous quest!

Stone Unturned Quest in Bear and Breakfast
Screenshot via Armor Game Studios/Gummy Cat

Bear and Breakfast is much more than just a management simulator game. Bear and Breakfast is full of unexpectedly exciting quests! These quests can range from mundane building jobs to thrilling adventures full of exploration and rescue! Not every quest can be sensational, but they all have a purpose to serve and are all thankfully engaging on some level. One quest with decent adventurous traits is the Stone Unturned quest. What makes this quest even better is that it’s given to you by a giant fluffy dog! If you want to help out a big, fuzzy good boy and complete the Stone Unturned quest in Bear and Breakfast, keep reading for a full, comprehensive guide!

This quest is given to you by Jax (the big fluffy dog) shortly after you arrive in Winterberry. If you want to keep your guests warm in this frigid location, you need to complete this quest! Jax agrees to show you how to use a heater in your resorts, on the condition that you retrieve some rocks he’s lost. This may sound like a ridiculously simple task, but it’s actually more complicated than it seems. To complete this quest, follow these steps:

  • Open Bear and Breakfast on your PC or Nintendo Switch.
  • From Winterberry, travel to Whitestone Bay on foot or by Fast Travel.
    • Make sure you’ve already accepted the Stone Unturned quest from Jax before you head out!
  • Once you’re at Whitestone Bay, you’ll be bombarded with a couple of other quests from Barbara and Wade the rat. Accepting these quests won’t hinder your progression on your current quest, so you can take a moment to accept these quests from them if you’d like.
  • Travel all the way down the map and to the left, by the sea. You should see a small building and an adjacent parking lot full of broken bumper cars.
  • Southeast of the bumper cars and the small building should be a wooden box full of rocks and straw. Approach the box and open it, you should be able to take the Sauna Stones and add them to your inventory.
  • Once the stones have been added to your inventory, travel back to Winterberry via Fast Travel or by foot.
    • There are bus stops in almost every location on the map; make sure to always carry Bus Signs and extra building materials with you to unlock Fast Travel access!
  • Once you’re safely inside Winterberry, find Jax and give him the Sauna Stones.
  • Congratulations! If you followed all these steps accordingly, you should have successfully completed the Stone Unturned quest in Bear and Breakfast!

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Most quests in Bear and Breakfast aren’t too difficult, but they can be very confusing and frustrating if you’re not sure where to look or how to complete them. No one wants to play the guessing game when completing quests; if you ever find yourself stuck on a quest in Bear and Breakfast, be sure to check out Gamer Journalist’s numerous other guides for this game!