The Employees of Embers is a brand new magical weapon that arrived in Valheim with the Mistlands update. Together with a brand new biome to discover, there are sources, enemies, and even a brand new Mistlands boss to find, so the Viking afterlife has lots to preserve you busy.

Some of the thrilling additions to reach with the brand new Mistlands update, nonetheless, is the power to make use of magic. There are a number of new magic weapons that can help you hurl hearth, ice, or conjure a pleasant skeleton that will help you in battle, making it simpler to preserve your distance and survive—in idea at the very least. When you’re able to stash your sword and axe your axe, this is learn how to craft a Employees of Embers in Valheim.

Valheim Employees of Embers supplies 

You will have to enterprise at the very least a little bit manner into the Mistlands if you wish to craft the Employees of Embers as two of the three supplies come from the brand new biome. This is what you may want: 

  • Yggdrasil wooden x20
  • Surtling Core x4
  • Refined Eitr x15

Even for those who’ve solely spent a little bit time within the Viking afterlife, you’ve got seemingly obtained a couple of Surtling Cores stashed away. These are primarily discovered inside Black Forest crypts although you may as well farm them from Surtling enemies within the Swamp. 

In the meantime, the Yggdrasil wooden is arguably the best of the Mistlands sources to pay money for—all you want is a black steel axe to reap this useful resource. The Refined Eitr, alternatively, takes much more preparation than the others. First you may have to extract sap from historical roots, then you definitely’ll have to refine the sap utilizing an Eitr Refinery. Fortunately our Valheim Eitr guide explains all of the steps concerned.

Easy methods to make a Galdr Desk in Valheim 

(Picture credit score: Iron Gate)

You may’t make the Employees of Embers with any outdated workbench—you may have to make the brand new crafting station, the Galdr Desk, the supplies for which have their very own challenges. Along with the sources wanted for the workers, you may have to enterprise into the harmful Mines which might be discovered by means of the Mistlands, and retrieve at the very least 5 Black Cores.

This is what it’s good to make a Galdr Desk:

  • Yggdrasil wooden x20
  • Black Steel x10
  • Black Core x5
  • Refined Eitr x5

As soon as you’ve got amassed all of the supplies, you’ll be able to construct the brand new crafting station. It seems fairly snazzy too so it is going to brighten up your workshop in addition to allow you to make cool new magical weapons.

Now you are able to craft your Employees of Embers and tackle all the things the Mistlands has to throw at you. Simply ensure you replenish on the brand new magic Valheim meals so you’ll be able to fling these fireballs.