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How to Catch Sunfish in Stardew Valley


How to Catch Sunfish in Stardew Valley

On: July 28, 2023

Getting your hand on a fishing rod is one of the most enjoyable parts of Stardew Valley. The Fishing minigame is infamous for its difficulty, but it adds some excitement to the monotonous task of standing still. Even when you’re just starting your journey, every fish is a challenge! The Sunfish is one of the first fish you’ll catch in Stardew Valley, a common find in the first month of your adventure. However, if you’re new to the game or if it’s been a while since you’ve needed one, it can be very easy to miss! Let’s talk about this rather innocent fish in grand detail.

Sunfish Locations in Stardew Valley

The Sunfish is a river fish that can spawn during Spring and Summer of Stardew Valley. You can find it along the two chunks of River in the Valley proper, located beneath the farm and the village — Cindersap Forest and Pelican Town, respectfully. You can also find it on Farm Types that include rivers, including the Riverlands, Forest, and Hill-Top farms. When fishing for it, you can only catch it between 6 a.m. to 7 p.m., and only during expressly sunny or windy days.

The Sunny Day qualification can be quite a bit annoying. You will need to check the Weather Channel to ensure that it is actively sunny, or windy during the Spring. If it isn’t those whether types, you can’t catch the fish without using a Weather Totem.

As a river fish, the Sunfish is actually fairly noncompetitive. Because you need to catch it during a sunny day, it only is competing with Algae and Smallmouth Bass for the Pelican Town slot during the Spring. The Summer is more competitive, with Rainbow Trout taking another slot.

Cindersap Forest is slightly more competitive, but only during the Summertime. The Summer pool for River fish include five other options, making Pelican Town generally more sustainable if you must fish up a Sunfish. Cindersap Forest is just fine to farm the yellow fella during the Spring, though!

Outside of the river, you can scoop up Sunfish from garbage cans or from the Traveling Cart. The Traveling Cart — and Magic Bait — are the only ways to catch one of these fish outside of the Spring or Summer season. This is not very recommended, as the Magic Bait is usually better used on rare catches, like the Eel.

Sunfish Recipes and Crafting Uses

Other than the Maki Roll, Quality Fertilizer, and Sashimi, three recipes shared amongst all fish, the Sunfish can be turned into Baked Fish with Bream and Wheat Flour. Otherwise, it can be crafted into a Fish Shirt or turned into orange dye.

The Baked Fish is a delicacy that might not be worth your time. The Queen of Sauce television channel teaches you this on on 7 Summer, making it basically free to obtain. The Sunfish, Bream, and Wheat Flower would normally all sell for more than this meal, making it more commonly used for it’s Energy and Health bonuses.

You can make it into Maki Roll, Quality Fertilizer, and Sashimi, just like all other fish. These recipes come from The Queen of Sauce/Stardrop Saloon, Farming Level 9, and 3 Hearts with Linus, respectively.

Finally, you can just toss it into the Sewing Machine. The dyeable fish decal is a nice choice for a fisherman or woman.

Expert Tip

The generic Sashimi recipe restores just as much energy and Health as the Baked Fish recipe, making it save you a ton of money. Because the Sunfish sells for so little, it is a great option to turn into a high-quality food like Sashimi. It also improves its value as a gift!

Other Uses For Sunfish

Sunfish are terrible gifts, and are not sold for too much money. You’ll need one for the River Fish Bundle and several other quests, including the Aquatic Overpopulation quest. However, perhaps most potently, raising 10 of them in a Fish Pond gives you a small chance to produce Solar Essence.

Keeping a small stockpile of around 10 Sunfish is actually a good idea. They aren’t uncommon as a random source for Item Delivery or Fishing quests. In addition, knowing where they are in case Demetrius springs an Aquatic Overpopulation on the Mayor’s Manor’s Board isn’t a bad idea, either! That can be the freest Farm Computer recipe of your life.

Perhaps most interesting is the ability for 10 Sunfish to create Solar Essence in a Fish Pond. While they mostly create their abysmal Roe, at max population, they have around an 8% chance to make Solar Essence. This is hilarious, as it is a very common midgame crafting item. This little starter fish can help you make Iridium Bands – a reward otherwise locked behind hunting Void Spirits!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is Sunfish worth?

The Sunfish is worth 30g. An okay start to fishing early on, it’ll quickly become not useful to sell, instead being good for Sashimi.

Can you raise Sunfish at the Fish Pond?

Yes, you can make a Fish Pond of Sunfish by placing one in an empty fish pond. They produce incredibly bad Roe and incredibly useful Solar Essence, provided you get them to the max capacity of 10.

Is Sunfish required for any quests?

Sunfish are randomly asked for by villagers for Item Delivery and Fishing quests. Once you complete the Community Center, Demetrius may ask for you to catch 10 for the Aquatic Overpopulation Special Order quest.