Elden Ring’s new hairstyles are only one thing more that the brand new colosseum update provides to the game. Earlier than gamers used to assemble exterior Raya Lucaria Academy to duel, or just about wherever else where they might discover a struggle, however the colosseums now provide a devoted place where you may go should you’re on the lookout for a tussle. 

It is just a little like the sector that FromSoftware added in Darkish Souls 3, besides with much more performance. Relying on which colosseum you head to, you may struggle in several matches, from one-on-one to multiplayer bouts. However much more essential than all that: there are new hairstyles to check out. Listed below are all the new hair choices you may choose in character creation, in addition to how one can alter your hair should you’ve already began the game, in case you did not know.

Elden Ring new hairstyles for the Colosseum update

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Elden Ring new hairstyle one

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Elden Ring new hairstyle three

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Elden Ring new hairstyle two

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Elden Ring new hairstyle four

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Elden Ring new hairstyle five

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There are 5 new hairstyles within the Elden Ring colosseum update, starting from twintails to double braids to some form of mullet factor. You possibly can choose them in character creation, or swap them out in the primary game through the strategies that I clarify beneath.

Easy methods to change your hair in Elden Ring 

To vary your hair within the Elden Ring you first must entry the Roundtable Hold. After you have progressed to both struggle Margit or have entered Caelid, Melina will seem at a site of grace and invite you to come back to the hold along with her. As soon as there, head in the direction of the precise aspect of the hold with the blacksmith and into the room where Fia is sitting on the mattress. You need to use the mirror in opposition to the wall to alter your coiffure. After you have defeated Renala in Raya Lucaria, she may even allow you to alter your look should you communicate to her.