EA has hit again at claims that Battlefield 2042 is now working on a skeleton crew and dashing out promised content material in order that it may possibly move on to the subsequent entry.

The response comes following feedback made by journalist Jeff Grubb throughout his GrubbSnax show. “This game is basically down to a skeleton crew,” he instructed his Twitch viewers in the course of the stream. “It’s down to like, the barebones and those people are specifically just working on the promised additional seasons that the game needs to get to meet the requirements of the high-end version it sold.”

He continued: “The skeleton crew is working to pump that stuff out at the fastest and cheapest way it possibly can. There’s no other way to say it.” Grubb added that those that had paid for the premium editions ought to set their expectations “very low for this content,” saying that EA is “just gonna get it out fast and dirty and then the idea is… the reason they’re doing this is to move everyone to the next Battlefield as quickly as possible. It’s abandon ship time.”

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A couple of hours after the stream concluded, Grubb tweeted that EA had reached out to him to inform him that his feedback had been “untrue.”

“There is a significant team across studios focused on evolving and improving the Battlefield 2042 experience for our players, and at the heart of that is our team at DICE,” the assertion continued. “We are committed to the future of Battlefield 2042 and our areas of focus for the game, based upon what we have heard from our players, was laid out in our recent Development Update.”

Grubb adopted up EA’s response with one in every of his personal: “If you hear two stories about what is happening, look for the space where both things are true.” He additionally added that he can be speaking extra about it in an upcoming Giant Bomb podcast.

Battlefield 2042’s first season lands right this moment, June 9. It brings a brand new map and a battle cross with a brand new specialist, who’ll fortunately be unlockable on the free monitor. Its launch must be an excellent indicator of what is to come back and maybe a greater have a look at whose facet of the story is extra correct.