Dying Light 2 PC update improves fight and ragdolling, fixes quest bugs — full patch notes

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Dying Light 2 Stay Human has a little bit of a damaged world, and parkour doesn’t actually assist on the subject of game-busting bugs. Fortunately, a brand new patch for the PC model is snuffing out a few of these points.

Update 1.2 is concentrated “on technical and gameplay issues,” in response to the patch notes. Chief amongst these are deathloops — to not be confused with the wonderful Arkane game — which might trigger gamers to respawn in areas that prevented them from finishing quests. Those are all eradicated in response to developer Techland, and the identical goes for development bugs in quests like The Lost Light, Double Time, and Nightrunners.

Speaking of which, some Nightrunner instruments have been fastened. The paraglider, grappling hook, and PK crossbow upgrades awarded by way of co-op will now be given to you correctly. You’ll discover a change when utilizing that crossbow in fight too. Enemies will react in another way in response to the burden of your assaults — the crossbow will hit them in another way than a heavy blunt object, for instance. Furthermore, they’ll ragdoll extra steadily and extra realistically now.

Additionally, PC patch 1.2 makes adjustments to the nighttime enemies, UI/UX, and even the ultimate boss combat. See the complete record of adjustments beneath.

Dying Light 2 PC update improves fight and ragdolling, fixes quest bugs — full patch notes

Dying Light 2 PC Version 1.2 Patch Notes

  • Story Progression Fixes
    • All identified instances with deathloops eradicated.
    • Fixed blocks in a number of quests — Into The Dark, Assassination, Sophie in The Raid Quest, Hubert in The Only Way Out, Veronika, Nightrunners, The Lost Light, Double Time.
    • Solved issues with protected zones (in-game clock stops, can’t sleep).
  • Co-op Fixes
    • Stability points fastened: crashes or black screens in sure conditions.
    • Numerous story progress blocks fastened.
    • Fixed points with accepting invitations.
    • Challenges points fastened: no weapon when stock full, difficulty stability improved, instruments necessities correctly dealt with.
    • Fixed co-op events spawning in distant locations.
    • Improved/fastened replication of metropolis open world actions: windmills, hanging cages, loot chests, NPC rescue points.
    • Fixed enemies and gamers falling by way of the bottom in sure conditions.
    • Several efficiency drops fastened.
  • Nightrunner Tools Fixes
    • Paraglider and Grappling Hook upgrades will be utilized appropriately for gamers that obtained them throughout cooperative periods.
    • PK Crossbow reward is appropriately given to gamers in cooperative mode. This repair will stop new instances from showing. 
  • New Ragdoll Behaviors
    • Opponents enter ragdolls extra typically.
    • Ragdoll works extra naturally.
    • Ragdoll behaves in another way relying on the used weapon sort.
    • Appropriate forces are utilized when falling from a top and when hitting completely different elements of the physique whereas sustaining the power given from the route of the blow.
    • When a ragdoll collides with its environment — the suitable sound and FXs are performed relying on the floor the physique falls on.
    • Improved spikes detection. The enemy is now all the time stamped on the spikes after a success. Additionally spikes audio suggestions is now improved and new FXs have been added (displayed primarily based on the physique’s bodily momentum).
  • Night Improvements and Balance
    • Howler’s senses vary elevated.
    • Increased the Howler resistance to vary weapons.
    • The chase is triggered when a Howler is hit by a ranged weapon and continues to be alive.
    • Volatiles come out of hiding spots quicker in the course of the chase.
    • Level 4 of the chase is now harder.
  • UI/UX Improvements
    • Survivor Sense now works appropriately and will be triggered with none cooldowns after getting hit or performing particular parkour actions.
    • Improvements to the Options Menu info structure incl. a devoted Accessibility Tab.
    • Added characteristic to point out, disguise or dynamically show Player Health Bar, Item Selector, and Time of Day Indicator.
    • The dynamic setting for Player Health Bar is the brand new default and hides the bar when the participant is at 100% health.
    • The dynamic setting for Item Selector is the brand new default. The Item Selector turns into seen when in fight and when performing fight actions or utilizing d-pad.
    • The dynamic setting for the Time of Day Indicator is the brand new default setting. The Time of Day Indicator turns into seen throughout day-night transitional durations.
    • All of the widgets which might be set Hidden or Dynamic turn out to be seen in Extended HUD.
    • Visual Improvements to Player HP and Stamina bars. These parts are lighter and their colours are extra impartial.
    • Visual Improvements to the enemies’ stance meter to extra clearly point out its connection to blunt weapons.
  • Improvements to the Final Boss Fight
    • Fixed a difficulty where the opponent doesn’t react appropriately to different gamers and doesn’t change conduct that may result in a number of glitches throughout co-op play.
    • Alternate opponent behaviors in Phase 2 throughout co-op play.
    • Opponent performs space assaults extra steadily throughout co-op periods.
    • Shortening the narrative scenes between the phases in a boss combat.
    • Boss combat pacing enhancements.
  • Outro Improvements
    • Improvements of the game endings sequences. Additional end-of-game scenes have been added to higher align gameplay and outro scenes.
  • Balance Tweaks
    • Higher Rank Bows at the moment are extra simply accessible at Merchants and on the earth.
    • Banshees and Chargers at the moment are extra simply noticed within the Infected hordes in the course of the evening.
  • Technical Improvements
    • Introduced high-performance preset that optimizes the displayed graphics which lets you play Dying Light 2 on older computer systems and laptops.
    • PC DX12 cache-related enhancements. The game now works smoother upon the primary launch.
    • AVX know-how is now not used within the game, enhancing points associated to a game crashing on the launch.
    • Improvements in out of doors lighting.
    • Improvements to solar shadows.
    • Improvements to highlight shadows.
    • Improvements to Motion Blur — added depth and distance blur customization.
  • Brutality Pack
    • Player hits with sharp weapons at the moment are extra exact and permit Players to cut off physique elements of opponents and minimize them in half extra simply (vertically and horizontally).
    • Reworked audio for enemy hit response — completely different sounds are performed relying on the power of the hit and the harm the participant offers.
    • Blood splats on the bottom seem when Player hits the opponent.
    • If a participant is near the enemy in the course of the assaults, the opponent’s blood will splash on the display.
    • Improved blood results on enemy our bodies after hits.
    • A lifeless enemy is now interactive and reacts precisely to blows and accidents.
    • A brand new impact of bloodstains on the enemies’ our bodies after hit.
    • New blood FXs have been added.