Dying Light 2
Dying Light 2

One of the most critical aspects you will need to learn in order to combat the zombies in Dying Light 2 Stay Human is your skills. The list of skill sets in Dying Light 2 is rather extensive, making it difficult to understand. In this guide we will tell you the best skills you should acquire in early stages to help in your journey.

  • Safe Landing – enables you to fall for longer periods without any damage.
  • Double Jump – enables you to leap even higher, allowing you to get to platforms that are way higher.
  • Afterboost – allow you to gain a boost in movement speed.
  • Crowd Runner – allows you to bulldoze your way past enemies without any loss in momentum.
  • Headstomp – allows you to stomp on the head of an enemy that is on the ground.
  • Block Projectiles – allows you to block projectiles like Knives and arrows.
  • Perfect Parry – allows you a slow-motion effect on your opponents.
  • Power Shot – enhances the damage for piercing for all ranged weapon shots.
  • Wall Combos – use Tic Tacs and Wall Runs in combinations.
  • Serial Shot – uses Precise Aiming to fire three shots with this skill.