Dungeons & Dragons Dark Alliance
Dungeons & Dragons Dark Alliance

When it comes to tabletop role-playing games, few people can compare the influence that Dungeons and Dragons have on this genre. And now, Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance series is finally here for fans to experience. Following this are some optional tasks in the game, such as finding the dwarf cup for the “Goblins as the Gates” task.

This task instructs the player to find eight missing cups in Icewind Dale and return them to the dwarven warriors. However, for new players in Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance, these cups are difficult to find from the first act, so here is the location of all lost items.

  • The first Dwarven Mug can be found near the entrance of this dungeon, near the cart with broken wheels.
  • For the second Mug, players must walk through the dungeon until they find a pile of dwarven corpses next to large ballista weapon. The Mug will be hidden on top of the pile of corpses.
  • The third Dwarven Mug can be found near where the player faces the enemy Verbeeg for the second time. It will be next to another pile of corpses, but this time there are spikes passing through them.
  • For the fourth Mug, players need to get to the part of the dungeon with the goblin spawn point next to Shanty. The cup will be at the base of the entrance near a wooden plank.
  • After climbing up to the goblin shanty and defeating the third Verbeeg, the fifth dwarf cup can be found. The cup will be hidden under the metal cage near the end of the path.
  • For the sixth Mug, players must reach a part of the dungeon where they can find cultists in the arena. The Mug will be next to the cage near the right side of the arena.
  • The seventh mug can be found at the final stage of the dungeon that appears after the elevator. After following a small road, it will be hidden by the chest and a small dwarf corpse.
  • For the eighth mug, players need to ride the elevator for the final cup that leads to Icewind Dale and destroy the first pile of barrels they see.