Cooking is an important mechanic in Dragon Quest Treasures, but it’s not one you’ll have access to at the start. You’ll first need to raise your Gang Rank in order to unlock facility quests. Completing The Canteen Queen side quest will unlock a restaurant for your base. The canteen will allow you to whip up dishes to feed your monsters for big stat boosts. You’ll slowly get more recipes throughout the game, but there are some upgraded versions hidden in the world. One of these is the Awesome Orcish Omelette, a rare recipe that’s easy to find if you know where to look.

Where to Find the Awesome Orcish Omelette Recipe

In order to find the Awesome Orcish Omelette Recipe, you’ll first need to head over to the Wingswept Moors. As always, make sure you’re organizing your party properly to maximize your Golden Ratio. There’s plenty of loot in Dragon Quest Treasures and you’ll want to make sure to get as much as possible. The location of the Awesome Orcish Omelette Recipe is northwest of The Sweaty Bog, so travel to the Greywing Gateway Station if you have it unlocked. Be ready for a long trek if you don’t have Greywing Gateway Station up and running yet.

You’d normally want to bring along a monster with the Sprint Forte when exploring. However, this particular area of the Wingswept Moors includes a few rivers that can auto-cancel your monster riding. An ideal party composition would consist of the Launch, Sprint, and Glide Fortes. We found success using a slime, sabrecat, and bird. Head to the map location above when you’re ready.

You’ll know you’re in the right spot when you come across a river with a perfectly placed mini-island in the center. Rotate the camera and you’ll see a large, slightly ominous cave ahead of you. Inside will be some mineral deposits and a couple monsters you’ll need to take care of. Once you do, head to the treasure chest in the back to get the recipe.

The Awesome Orcish Omelette is a fantastic dish to feed any of your monsters. It greatly increases deftness, which means a higher chance of landing critical hits and successfully blocking attacks. The dish is also, unsurprisingly, a particular favorite of orcs.

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